39 ($0.41/Count) 15% off promotion available. Backun Protégé Intermediate Bb Clarinet. Backun Protege with Eb Key - Cocobolo with Silver keys - Bb Clarinet. Now £1,095.00. As far as the Protege, I can't really recommend it. Didn't get this- Beta Equity = Beta Asset + (D/E)*(Beta Asset- Beta Debt) Beta Asset is not dependent on how the assets of a firm are financed and hence it is equivalent to a firm's unlevered beta. MoBa stands for Morales Backun since it is a clarinet based around Ricardo Morales. The Backun Beta was designed as an intermediate wooden clarinet for those taking the first leap into playing grenadilla. Advertising and Web Hosting on Woodwind.Org. Featuring unstained, naturally-aged grenadilla wood, the barrel, body and bell are all crafted in Canada from the same wood used for our pro and custom clarinets. More information is at www.martinfrostfoundation.com. 48-Month Financing* $ 5,420.00 Sold Out. Emil Kh They are wonderful, wonderful instruments, but they really do fit a specific sort of sound concept, and if it isn't the sound concept you enjoy, then you probably won't like them. I've played on a MoBa set before, barrel, bell, and clarinet. CNC operations have EXTREMELY high startup costs, which would explain the price of the instrument. I've had great encounters with them so far. Buffet Crampon Festival Bb-Clarinet 18/6. But I've never heard the same thing said about a Buffet Clarinet. $ 7,975.25 Backun Model F Custom Bb Clarinet. They have some neat YouTube videos of ricardo and some others demoing them but you can only tell so much from a youtube quality recording. The Backun Protege is a decent instrument, but I wouldn't go as far as to say it's better than an R13. I LOVED it. They kinda deaden my sound and take out a lot of the ring. How do they compare to the standard Buffets? Release Notes . This is the quintessential French clarinet; possibly the finest ever French makers were Martel Freres. It's a $9k instrument I believe, but I can see why. ... Backun Protege - Cocobolo with Gold keys and LH Eb Key - Bb Clarinet. Backun Beta Clarinet $ 2,295.00 $ 2,065.00 For intermediate students looking to own their first wooden step-up clarinet, the Beta offers unparalleled value and beautiful out-of-the box playability. Build 5.0.0-beta-16 (2015-Mar-10) Buffet Crampon SENZO Copper Alto Sax. Page 3 of 3 . google_ad_client = "pub-4626466139341305"; The MoBa and the Backun models are extremely expensive, however...quite out of most people's reach. Please, no more than two at a time - ads removed after two weeks. An affordable professional instrument, the Backun Protege Clarinet is the next logical step between student and Artist model clarinets. from Product Price $2,730.00. Thanks. The Proteges can be quite good, but I find them widely variable in terms of resistance and intonation. Details.