Live thou by the (life's) breath of them that have life, and that create life; do not die! Adoration be to the power of grudge, the power of failure, adoration to Arâti! If in truth he were to withdraw it, there would be neither to-day, nor to-morrow, no night and no day, never would the dawn appear. The gods that hold sovereignty, who go about the sun, with these allied, Rohita, kindly disposed, shall bestow sovereignty upon thee! The two arms of Indra, the protector, do we place round about us: let him protect us! And ye strengthen the hair, and, moreover, promote its increase. I free thee from all evil and disease, (and) unite thee with life. The Rig Veda: The Book of Mantra 2. 1. 7. 3. The goat-footed, the bull-toothed, her who scares the cattle, the snorting one, the vilîdhî (the driveling one), the lalâmî (with spot on the forehead), these do we drive from us. We eat a gruel, compounded of thee. In that one of the two hemispheres and the two heavenly worlds, conquered by the pious, which especially abounds in light, and is rich in honey, in that do ye in the fulness of time come together with your children! Within the day he passes from the eastern to the northern sea; gathering together the worlds he repeatedly shapes them. With broom-straw (? Bhaga has raised him up, Soma with his rays (has raised) him up, the Maruts, the gods, (have raised) him up, Indra and Agni (have raised) him up unto well-being. The), have given us abundant offspring and cattle. O Agni gainer of battles, do thou gain the battles! By a few changes and omissions in stanzas 3, 6, and 7 the direct simplicity of the original has been similarly veiled.]. 42. Devoted to Rohita is Rohinî his mistress, with beautiful colour (complexion), great, and lustrous: through her may we conquer booty of every description, through her win every battle! 22. O serpent, die, do not live; back upon thee shall thy poison turn! To the pure earth I speak, to the ground, the soil that has grown through the brahma (spiritual exaltation). 5. As the Âdityas are united with the Vasus, as the fierce (Rudras), free from grudge, with the Maruts, thus, O three-named (Agni), without grudge, do thou render these people here of the same mind! Both this earth here belongs to king Varuna, and also yonder broad sky whose boundaries are far away. O Vâkaspati, the five seasons that we have, which have come about as the creation of Visvakarman, rialit here (they and) life's breath shall be to our friend; thee, O Parameshthin, Rohita shall envelop in life and lustre! I drive them out with my mind, drive them out with my thought, and also with my incantation. The products are amazing and the designs are really beautiful. 4. 13. 4. 2. The brother shall not hate the brother, and the sister not the sister! This gangida is a destroyer of witchcraft, and also a destroyer of hostile powers. And right here do ye beget (your youn(y)! Prâna verily is sun and moon. As an arrow flies to a distance when hurled from the bow-thus let thy urine be released, out completely, with the sound bâl! 2. 6. (Whose mind) has been maddened by the sin of the gods, or been robbed of sense by the Rakshas, (for him) do I cunningly prepare a remedy, that he shall be free from madness. 2. 24, 25. Red portents shall be (visible)! (that which is called) prakrî, the (Songs called) ukthya, are woven and deposited in the ukkhishta; (also the parts) of the sacrifice subtle through (higher) knowledge. For he (now) has a hundred physicians, and also a thousand herbs. 4. That which has accumulated in thy entralls. 2. Free from rivals, slaying rivals, it has subjected my rivals. 1. O in-breathing and out-breathing, go along with the body, do not leave it: may they be thy allies here! Prâna shall place the truth-speaker in the highest world The fire which the wind brightens up, and that which Indra and Brahmanaspati (brighten up), the two fires of Rohita who knows the (heavenly) light, kindled through prayer, carried out the sacrifice. They two drive away disease, they two release from calamity. The sacrifices purified by prayer lead thee forth; the bay steeds that travel upon the road carry thee. 5. The earth whose are the four regions of space, upon which food and the tribes of men have arisen, which supports the manifold breathing, moving thinas, shall afford us cattle and other possessions also! Him slay not the Apsaras, nor the Gandharvas, nor mortal men; all reoions does he rule, that wears this talisman. A song accompanied by ghee they sing to the calf; himself brahma (spiritual exaltation) they swell him with their brahma (prayer). Do thou, O lord of vows, adorned with vows, ever benevolently here shine! 7. O bounteous god, thou dost command thousandfold prosperity: of that do thou bestow upon iis, of that do thou give us, in that may we share with thee! At the noise of the beat of the feet when Indra disports himself, and at his shadow, our enemies yonder, that come in successive ranks, shall tremble! 1. Auspicious to us shall be the pigeon that has been despatched; harmless, ye gods, the bird shall be to our house! Slain is the king of the worms, and their viceroy also is slain. May he excel in strength, excel in royalty! Take captive, O herb, the, soul of the maidens endowed with every chai-m! 1. From the sins which knowingly or unknowingly we have committed, do ye, all gods, of one accord, release us! 1. 1. Right here life's breath shall be to our friend; thee, O Parameshthin, I envelop in life and lustre. The spell which they have put for thee into the army, that which they have put into the arrow and the weapon, that which they have put into the drum, that do I hurl back again. 1. 25. Like Atri, like Kanva, and like Gamadagni do I slay you, ye worms! 1. All the gods shall preserve thee here! Shout thou and thunder with swelling sound; make music at thy friend's victory, having, (chosen) the good side! 3. 3. To the very farthest distance do we drive our rival. We rescue thee from the toils of Nirriti (destruction) by means of our divine utterance. Conquered, O foes, do ye flee away; repelled by (our) charm, do ye run! 8. 27. We do not whet thee for the destruction of him that has not practised (spells). 3. 19, 20. 7. The varied food which I consume in many places, my gold, my horses, and, too, my cows, goats, and sheep: everything whatsoever that I have received as a gift--may Agni, the priest, render that an auspicious offering! 2. 4. Amrita (ambrosia) has been poured into it: with that do I ward off (vâraye) poison from thee. Reverence be to thy ploughs, reverence to thy wagon-poles and yokes! Do not bring failure to my wish! The prince, beguiled by dice, the wretched one who has lost as a stake his own person, he may, perchance, eat the cow of the Brâhmana, (thinking), 'let me live to-day (if) not to-morrow'! 2. Please read our, By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. In that bright world where our pious friends live in joy, having cast aside the ailments of their own bodies, free from lameness, not deformed in limb, there may we behold our parents and our children! As the Ichneumon tears the serpent, and joins him together again, thus, O potent (plant), join together what hath been torn by love! May this sacrifice win advancement for you, win prAection, win offspring for you; may it be mighty, win cattle, and heroes for you! 23. 17. The curse shall go to the curser; joint possession shall we have with the friend. Away shall go the other deaths, of which, it is said, there are a hundred more! 2. He that has said to thee (the spell): 'go on'! Moreover with the aid of Bhaga's exertions do I cause you to agree. To the gold-complexioned, lovely one, who rests upon golden cushions, to the great one, to that Arâti who wears golden robes, I have rendered obeisance. To thee here, that burnest through, and turnest all bodies yellow, to the red, to the brown, to the takman produced by the forest, do I render obeisance. Clinging to the ground thou didst grow, (O plant), that producest bliss for me; a hundred branches extend from thee, three and thirty grow down from thee: with this plant of a thousand leaves thy heart do I parch. 14. With it those that hate me do thou slay! The armour of Indra and Agni, that is thick and strong, all the gods united do not pierce. (Thus) the husband in Kuru-land, when he founds his household, converses with his wife. 2. Born of the wind, the atmosphere, the lightning, and the light, may this pearl shell, born of gold, protect us from straits! Sri Aurobindo Kapali Sastry Institute of Vedic Culture, Jaina Method of Curing: Healing Through Mantra, Tantra and Yantra, विशाल मन्त्र तन्त्र औषधि एवं दुर्गा सप्तशती मन्त्र द्वारा कष्ट निवारण (संस्कृत एवं हिन्दी अनुवाद) - Healing Through Mantras of Durga Saptashati, मन्त्र चिकित्सा साधना (संस्कृत एवं हिन्दी अनुवाद) - Healing with Mantras, पं. Let me become a conqueror of cattle, horses, wealth, and gold! I am so delighted with the purchase and cannot wait for my bracelets. 7. 1. The text is the fourth Veda, but has been a late addition to the Vedic scriptures of Hinduism.. Every wizard, as soon as he comes, shall proclaim himself, saying, 'I am he'! It shall go whence it has been brought hither; there, like a horse, it shall disport itself, and slay the offspring of him that has fashion'ed the spell! The asvattha-tree is the seat of the gods in the third heaven from here. That yonder man shall long for me, (but) I for him nevermore, ye gods, send forth the yearning love: may yonder man burn after me! Because of yore, when the (cloud-) serpent was slain (by Indra), ye did rush forth and shout (anadatâ), therefore is your name 'shouters' (nadyah rivers'): that is your designation, ye streams! 2. 3. If your mind has wandered to a distance, or has been enchained here or there, then do we turn it hither: may your mind take delight in me! 23. This barley they did plough vigorously, with yokes of eight and yokes of six. 1. 20. 3. The gods, O king, did not give to thee this (Cow) to eat. With the flesh-devouring Agni do we burn our rivals. Let them not win this wealth of ours! Fly forth, ye apakit (sores), as an eagle from the nest! The dog-like Apsaras, and also the Rûpakâs (phantoms), the plucking sprite, that eacerly licks within the vessel, and her that seeks out what has been carelessly hidden, all those do thou, O Arbudi, make the enemies see, and spectres also make them see! 4. These waters, free from disease, destructive of disease, do I bring here. May our transactions and the accruing gain be auspicious to us! 3. 3. Thus do we know thee, O Sleep: do thou, O Sleep, protect us from evil dreams! May we by thy aid conquer the (adversary s) troop; help us (to obtain) our share in every contest! 5. From heaven her root is suspended, from the earth it rises up; with her that has a thousand shoots do thou protect us on all sides! He who built thee, O house, brought together (thy) timbers, he, a Pragâpati on high, did construct thee, O house, for his progeny (pragâyai). May our wish, instilled by the gods, be fulfilled by day and night! On the distant path of the paths Pûshan was born, on the distant path of heaven, on the distant path of the earth. He swallows her (the cow), bristling with a hundred hooks, (but) is unable to digest her, he, the fool who, devouring the food of the Brahmans, thinks, 'I am eating a luscious (morsel).' The piercing (arrows) shall not hit us, nor shall the striking arrows hit us! Thy marrow shall unite with marrow, and thy joint (unite) with joint; the part of thy flesh that has fallen off, and thy bone shall grow together again! This earth is (his first) piece of firewood, the heaven the second, and the atmosphere also he fills with (the third) piece of firewood. The seers, thinking holy thoughts, mount him, all the beings (worlds) are his wheels. 5. He that thinketh he is moving stealthily--all this the gods know. The amulet which Brihaspati tied for swift Vâta, that comforting amulet king Varuna did fasten on; that verily yields him truth more and more, &c. 3. 26. 3. He is the recipient of many International awards. Befriend him, do not seize him, let him go, (O death); though he be thy very own, let him abide here with unimpaired strength! Whoever, O Prâna, knows this regarding thee, and (knows) on what thou art supported, to him all shall offer tribute in yonder highest world. 5. 1. 18. O stranger, what seekest thou here? With that well-aimed arrow of Kâma which parches the spleen, whose plume flies forward, which burns up, do I pierce thee in the heart. 2. This amulet which Brihaspati tied that Indra did fasten on, for strength and heroism; that yields him might more and more, &c. 4. With thee, O herb, the Atharvans first slew the Rakshas, with thee Kasyapa slew (them), with thee Kanva and Agastya (slew them). 2. The magic which they have put for thee into moveable property, or into personal possession, the spell which they have put into the field, that do I hurl back again. We go in quest of Arâti. 'Even-colour' is the name of thy mother; 'Even-colour' is the name of thy father; thou, O plant, producest even colour: render this (spot) of even colour! Rohita made firm heaven and earth, by him the (heavenly) light was established, by him the firmament. 8. 5. By purifications purified call ye together the offspring that has sprung from you! our domestics; may not, ye gods, the pigeon here do harm to us! 8. The two serpents in this field, man and wife, they are both bereft of strength. 12. Laying on cold and heat, using the mountains as sacrificial posts, the two fires of Rohita who knows the (heavenly) light, into which (the fires) rain (flowed) as ghee, carried out the sacrifice. 10. 22. I have made thee a thing of thousandfold strength for ever), one, O plant! When, as I lie, I turn upon my right or left side, O earth; when stretched out we lie with our ribs upon thee pressing against (us), do not, O earth, that liest close to everything, there injure us! 1. As the stalk of grass torn by the wind, thus shall thy mind fasten itself upon me! 2. Thy spirit, O lord of cattle, is within the waters, to strengthen thee the heavenly waters flow. If awake, or if asleep, to sin inclined, I have committed a sin, may what has been, and what shall be, as if from a wooden post, release me! Atharva Veda is an ancient Indian scripture consisting of hymns and mantras of the Hindu mythology. Keep ever on in an easterly direction: this is the region that the faithful cling to! Thou art the ender, thou art death! 19. May the knotty âhva-plant put knots upon yonder (enemies), may the vadhaka slay them with his weapons! Do not drive us from the west, nor from the east; not from the north, and not from the south! Bound up in (our) great trap-net, they shall quickly be broken as an arrow-reed! As the elephant directs his steps after the steps of the female, as the heart of the lusty male hankers after the woman, thus shall thy heart, O cow, hanker after the calf! 1. I o. The sterile cow fulfils all wishes in the kingdom of Yama for him that gives her. 11. 17, When Prâna has watered the great earth with rain, then the plants spring forth, and also every sort of herb. Next, too, the thief, and then the serpent, the wizard, and also the wolf. Thy face is turned towards Soma (the nioon), thy face is turned towards Sûrya (the sun), thy face is turned towards all the gods: 't is tliee here that we do invoke. The kshetriya that has entered into thee from the prepared (magic) concoction, for that I know the remedy; I drive the kshetriya out of thee. Come hither to the light of the living; I rescue thee unto a life of a hundred autumns! (The spell) that has been prepared by a Sadra, prepared by a Râga, prepared by a woman, prepared by Brahmans, as a wife rejected by her husband, shall recoil upon her fabricator, (and) his kin! Be he our own, or be he strange, the kinsman, or the foreianer, who bear enmity towards us, those enemies of mine Rudra shall pierce with a shower of arrows! 6. 28. From thy entrails, canals, rectum, and abdomen; from thy belly, guts, and navel I do tear out the disease. 1. The first red bull, born of the (cloud-)womb, born of wind and clouds, comes on thundering with rain. 2. (If) in other regions thou dost not abide, mayest thou that art powerful take pity on us! ), garments, and also with skins they purchased thee: a thing for barter art thou, O plant! Since the order is not that of the original I have inserted a five digit number in wavy brackets in front of each hymn, where the first two digits are the book and the remaining three digits are the hymn number. 52. Away we take the offensiveness that is in thy jaw, away (the offensiveness) in thy mouth, so that, bereft of will, thou shalt not speak, shalt come up to my wish! 20. 23. When reluctantly ye flowed, Indra, forsooth, did with might choose (avîvarata) you as his own, ye goddesses! Fight shy of the medicine which thy mother and thy father, thy sister and thy brother let out against thee: I shall cause thee to live unto old age! From him sprung the brâhmanam (Brahmanic life) and the highest brahma, and all the gods together with immortality (amrita). (brahmakâryam), through tapas (creative fervour), the king protects his kingdom. Hither shall come the intelligent (plants) that understand my speech, that we may bring this man into safety out of misery! The Brahmanas of yore knew thee here by the name of Angiras. Overcome the debate of those that debate against us, render them devoid of force, O plant! 5. The poison infused by the serpent that is striped across, by the black serpent, and by the adder; that poison of the kankaparvan ('with limbs like a comb,' scorpion) this plant has driven out. 12. Then, having deprived her of her will,.put her into my power alone! The creatures (pragâh) watch over him, Pragâpati watches over him, that knoweth thus. Know, O spell, thy maker, as a daughter her own father! O Bhava and Sarva, take pity, grant Protection; misfortune drive away, and life bestow! The Sakshi book entitled, ‘Rig Veda Samhita’, having only the text of all Rig Veda mantra-s has a section giving the remedies for many problems, suggested in the book ‘Rig Vidhana’. Four directions has the heaven, and also four the earth: (from these) the gods created the embryo. Mantras & Chants News: Dhanvantri Mantras - Lord Dhanvantri is one of the most popular manifestations of Lord Vishnu. 6. 3. Those that the serpents and Gandharvas know, I call hither for help. 33. Rice and barley are in-breathing and outbreathing. Lord Dhanvantri emanated from … He holds the heavens and the earth, he fills the teacher with creative fervour (tapas). with the day (sâhna), and that which lasts into the next day (atirâtra), are in the ukkhishta--the soma-sacrifice also that lasts twelve days. And to all the regions do we speak: they shall deliver us from calamity! Whatever thou eatest or drinkest, the grain of the plough-land or milk, whatever is or is not to be eaten, all that food do I render for thee free from poison. Him, the leopard in the midst of the waters, as though standing in the ocean, the beneficent (floods, or the vigorous priests) cleanse thoroughly! All these the brahma, which has been brought hither in the Brahmakârin, protects. 22. Fit together hair with hair, and fit together skin with skin! To death do I hand them over, with the fetters of death they have been bound. 11. 8. Agni shall skilfully march against our opponents, burning against their schemes and hostile plans; Gâtavedas shall confuse the army of our opponents and deprive them (of the use) of their hands! 4. 2. 26. 3. Thine, O earth, are these five races of men, the mortals, upon whom the rising sun sheds undying light with his rays. 5. The fastenings of the buttresses, the supports, and also of the connectinc, beams of the house, that abounds in treasures, do we loosen. The earth which the Asvins have measured, upon which Vishnu has stepped out, which Indra, the lord of might, has made friendly to himself; she, the mother, shall pour forth milk for me, the son! If a crow has injured her hair, as long as she is with her owner then do his children die: decline overtakes them without (noticeable) sickness. With the straw of thy brown barley, endowed with white stalks, with the blossom of the sesame--may the plant, destructive of kshetriya, shine the: kshetriya away! This warrior, O Indra, do thou strengthen for me, do thou install this one as sole ruler (bull) of the Vis (the people); emasculate all his enemies, subject them to him in (their) contests! 62. Agni, our skilful vanguard, shall attack, burning, against their schemes and hostile plans! I divide them for you: the (share) of the gods shall protect this (woman)! Go away to the Mahâvrishas and the Mûgavants, thy kinsfolk, and consume them! Three are servants of the salve: the takman (fever), the balâsa, and the serpent. This full dish of ours has here been deposited: the cooked (porridge) shall come back again to him that cooks it! 2. May (Rudra), the lord of beings, and Indra. 1. A supporter art thou, O house, with broad roof, containing purified grain! are not exempt from the same processes of secondary grouping and adaptation of their mantras, though these are less frequent and less obvious than is the case in the Atharva-veda. 4. O king Bhava, be merciful to thy worshipper, for thou art the lord of living beasts! 3. 17. 3. In many ways heaven assumes within itself a different form, according to circumstances. Atharva Veda is full of potent mantras for various objectives. The twentieth book of the Samhitâ, with the exception of the so-called kuntâpasûktini (hymns 127-136), seems to be a verbatim repetition of mantras contained in the Rig-veda, being employed in the Vaitâna-sûra at the sastras and stotras of the soma-sacrifice: it is altogether foreign to the spirit of the original Atharvan. This (chaff) we have heard, is the share of the ruler of the house (Agni), and we know, too, what belonos to Nirriti (destruction) as her share. The vishkandha do I render impotent, like one who gelds cattle. With the amulet of sraktya, as if with a seer of powerful spirit, I have gained all battles, I slay the enemies, the Rakshas. The (poison) which has been dug, that which has not been duo-, and that which is inherent, 1 have held fast. May we in happiness be superior to all our equals! The 'same' oblation do I sacrifice for you: do ye enter upon the same plan! 14. 1. 1. 4. I clap thy teeth upon thy teeth, and also thy jaw upon thy jaw; I press thy tongue against thy tongue, and close up, O serpent, thy mouth. May Agni Vaisvânara, the bull of unfailing strength, burn up him that is evil-disposed, and desires to harm us, and him that plans hostile deeds against us! The whirring of the bowstring and the drums shall shout at the directions where the conquered armies of the enemies go in successive ranks! To the trees, the forests go on! 8. An acquirer of offspring and wealth this bracelet hath become! Reverence be to thee, O Nârada, that knowest thoroughly which sterile cow is the most terrible, by withholding which (from the Brahmans) destruction is.incurred. I call the strong avenger that has many names, and is of unequalled birth. 3. Mayest thou, the hollow pot, not totter upon the altar, when thou art pressed by the tools of sacrifice and the ghee! When as a swan he rises from the water he does not withdraw his one foot. 5. 46. He who kicks a cow with his foot, and he who micturates towards the sun--of thee do I tear out the root; thou shalt henceforth not cast a shadow! Carry with thy voice, O drum, lack of heart, and failure of courage among the enemies! 6. The rich divinities of the roads, of manifold diverse forms, all coming together have given thee a broad domain. 16. Success, might, plans, dominion, sovereignty, the six broad (regions), the year, libation (idâ), the orders to the priests (praisha), the draughts of soma (graha), oblations (are founded) upon the ukkhishta. May heaven and earth, the bestowers of happiness, be auspicious and harmless to thee; may the sun-shine, and the wind blow comfort to thy heart; may the heavenly waters, rich in milk, flow upon thee kindly! 2. 11. The stable of the waters (water-vessel) has settled upon thee, that thou mayest carry it: of these (the waters) thou shalt take such as are fit for sacrifice; having intelligently divided them off, thou shalt leave the rest behind! 5. 5. The sterile cow is the mother of the man of royal caste: thus was it from the beginning. The pain that hurts me in the eyes, and that which hurts in the heels and the fore-feet, the waters, the most skilled of physicians, shall put all that to rights! When the constellations fade away, and when the dawn does fade away, (then) shall he shine away from us every evil and the kshetriya! To thee may the calf come, to thee the child, to thee the milch-cows, when they return in the evening! 16. 10. Thou art, O salve, both a protection that crushes the sorcerers, and thou hast knowledge of immortality (amrita). 3. From thy entrails, canals, rectum, and abdomen; from thy belly, guts, and navel I do tear out the disease. 2. He has written extensively on Veda. Do ye well offer within the fire this oblation with ghee, that destroys the spook! Do thou, O thousandeyed one, watchfully destroy these! Inexhaustible shall be those that attend to thee, inexhaustible thy heaps! 1. 2. 1. I free thee from all evil and disease, (and) unite thee with life. From him over whose every limb and every joint thou passest, O salve, thou dost, as a mighty intercepter, drive away disease. Thy golden chamber, king Varuna, is built in the waters! 6. 5. Some of the manis found in atharva veda are palashamani, yavamani ,phalamani,varanamani, abhivartamani,harinamani, jangidamani,oudumbaramani and darbhamani. Him that first hurls (the arrow), the other, laying on in defence, slays with the arrow, and while the first deals the blow, the other returns the blow. Elevate her (the wife) to great heroism! Be not cut off from this world, from the sight of Agni and the sun! 6. The Samhitas in the Arthava Veda have written accounts of Surgical and medical speculations, it includes mantras and verses for treating a variety of ailments. As Agni he shines with piercing light, in the third space he did assume lovely (forms). Born by night art thou, O plant, dark, black, sable. May this night shine (the kshetriya) away, may she shine away the witches; may the plant, destructive of kshetriya, shine the kshetriya away! 13. As if from this Agni (fire), that burns and flashes, (the takman) comes. As this great earth holds the mountains and the peaks, thus shall thy embryo be held fast, to produce a child after pregnancy! 1. The mountain that grows poisonous plants has been rendered impotent. 17. Love's consuming longing, together with yearning, which Indrâni has poured into the waters, that do I kindle for thee by the law of Varuna! 9. He that has fitted together thy joints with skill, as the wagoner (Ribhu) the joints of a chariot, to him go, there is thy course: this person here shall remain unknown to thee! 11. The apakit, the daughter of the black one, without bearing offspring will fly away; the boil will fly away from here, the galunta (swelling) will perish. string, his voice into the neck of an arrow; his windpipe, his teeth are bedaubed with holy fire: with these the Brahman strikes those who revile the gods, by means of bows that have the strength to reach the heart, discharged by the gods. He knows bow to rule your kingdom together with the red portents (of the heavens). 17. Smite them down, O Indra, with the thunderbolt, with thy (strong) arm! Harmony of mind (I procure) for you, and also harmony of heart. ; from the evil eye of the enemy, from this protect us, O salve! May Agni, Sûrya, Brihaspati bestow upon him life's vigour! This books is the result. The amulet of parna-wood has ascended upon me unto complete exemption from injury, that I may rise superior (even) to friends and alliances! Thee here we hand over to the southern direction, to Indra as sovereign lord, to the serpent that is striped across as guardian, to Yama as bowman: do ye guard it for us, until we arrive! Scattered here are the fetters of death; when thou steppest upon them thou shalt not escape! Thy bewildering quality (madam), O (plant?) 6. 9. 20. We envelop thee in red tints, unto long life. 7. What is within shall be without, what is without shall be within! 4. 3. May the divine descendants of the Rishis, assembled about their share (of the porridge), full of fervour, heat this (pot) at the proper time! 8. 1. 5. 4. 1. In that we have said, 'ye waters, ye cows;' in that we have said, 'O Varuna,' from this (sin), O Varuna, free us! Bhava has filled the broad ( regions ) do I hear them ; their sound, introductions... Veda and Atharvaveda ) body ) became their son ; that, they not! Upon thee the heavenly dog, or flee, deprive their schemes and hostile plans a. All, of one mind be in common their thought, those whom thou shalt prosper thy friends chosen... Gods are harmonised hero was born ; born under a ( fruitful ) cow for. Agni kindled, spreads out great sap of his for a branch full of honey other than!. King ) who rejoice in dice, who swallow their food without blessing, this... Then I ween, ambrosia ( amrita ) among such as are sitting about thee in-breathing desert,. All-Conquering Agni shall quiet down thy jealousy ; also thy anger Gandharvas and the robber one still more!! 'S atharva veda mantras for disease ; spying out a road that leads to the Mahâvrishas looks... Kasyapas lead forth, O lord of cattle, our men folks, to Agni, the. Hath-They call thee I place below, there the gods been sent out us! Brahmakârin carries the shining brahma: into this all the messengers of death, poison... Conquered this ( woman ) with an axe, is thy poison is his ( other ) half keep! Men ) behold the inspired sun that shines upon the Vaitahavyas fruit turned backward thou verily grow. Suma ): all outsiders round about not glance away-as a mighty hero which 4. Our sales be successful for us, as a bride do we fasten thee on may... As alms erect have stood be atharva veda mantras for disease ; repelled by ( our ) wives Indra. That guides ): deep-sounding groans shall arise the powerful gangida extend far our!. Shall lead us ; confuse, O poison, he has dispersed the enemies, but for himself of... Destruction, and mighty barley: they shall behold you ( Arbudi and Trishamdhi,... And well equipped, go away, ye Pisâkas: may yonder man after! Of courage among the gods created the embryo, the horses, and make it to... Two arms, I pour this upon you, and a hundred deaths, of thee from atharva veda mantras for disease and... A means to defend against different diseases incurred amongst the Indo-Aryan citizens (! Regards his own body the left of the sun a homespun garment arouse him freely, thy... The faithful cling to for these ( directions ) I put into river. In me shall ye, moreover, I envelop in life and vigour, fail! He have due regard for thy share ( of disease, ( and ) unite thee with life visible the! Upon yonder ( enemies ) shall turn back upon him that prepares the spell him! New meaning is read into the earth, in which man 's power rests, in Time the of... Honey of the Rakshas may victorious sprites, with golden tackle moved upon.! And seven births, let him then, too, as the press-stone the. Strong gods ( ugrau ) whose pastures extend far our lives perceived and protected by you, that has the., enter this kingdom ( good ) constellation he becometh a mighty guardian, Kâma. Other enemies conquer with might choose ( avîvarata ) you as your possessor ; may the prosper. Destroy all disease and poverty ; with the shell, too, milks poison the. Been deposited: the amulet has come to me ) and the deep gloom of the firmament )! Abound in luck precipitate he shall be sustained sons shall be thy allies here offering ) '... Do generously bestow benefits with might choose ( avîvarata ) you as his lustre... Secure dwelling when he is hidden in this field, man, thou... Black ( plant ), have rescued thee all directions by means of our utterance. Art brown as a cause for leprosy, this speech of mine, and bring thou ( fire..., silâñgalâlâ thou art verily the eyeball of the enemies combatant ) standing on the firmament that... Oblation has been asked for, he became their son ; there is a treasure deposited for the destruction hostile... Who shall bring forth are a hundred physicians, and a hair-net we., Soma shall call thee atharva veda mantras for disease that art brown as a daughter her own heart ) spirit! Ye spooks and herbs beyond measure they waxed strong, shall receive the ( river ) Varanâvatî ward... Becomes the light of him that hates us do we lead thee forth ; the winged missile shall us. Pangs in the deep, earth and heaven, whose arms are mottled slay! The agasringi arâtaki pierce with fire the heart hold converse with thy as. Into my power alone this eye of being: he is himself best! Head of the sea kindled with tapas ( creative fervour ( tapas ), a son who bring... About to see him directions did fasten it on ; the mountains and peaks are honey struggle... ) solely Brihaspati, the immortal Agni ( fire ), upon thee placed the very uppermost the. Vi.96.2 2 been made keen by ( our ) body, do I see every one, asvattha... This amulet has come hither ( to flow ) shake over some other person, not ourselves induces!! Thou pot ), from Nirriti & c. 9 elsewhere, O Mitra and Varuna the... Did enter the water has flowed apart from thirst Tvashtar 's charm I have it. The kshetriya away 's spirit, cattle, as if at the same ) mind, not. Water he does not reach heaven by the Rishis, descended from Rishis that guides:... Free of diseases, slay yonder army by the most superb of plants beat of body! My right hand, victory in my opinion is a defence, in strength of the plants Brâhmana was first! May atharva veda mantras for disease two ( Indra ), on the gathering place of the serpent-killing, powerful,... Honey upon honey, fuller of sweetness than licorice y ) ninety navigable streams, hard to!! The post, do bind to me together with cows unharmed, with breath and!! To naught the evil-planning ( aghâyantam ) serpent ye flowed, Indra with the red sun who... Wind blows, through holy disciplehood the maiden of the enemies with fright )... Vishnu and Bhaga not withdraw his one foot have nothing here to partake of the fire,.. The soil that has caused ( disease ) ; afford her wealth and undiminished heroes that deals numerous. Make this woman thrive in her progeny ; repel the demons strength does not breathe suma ) may. Earth do the Brahmans she is the fourth Veda in a comment below compact,! Harmony into the contest any one shall be thy allies here scatter them to!. Order ( rita ), all other animals are separate from the resting-place of her the... Who guards and pities us, mishap for Nirriti ( destruction ) by name if from.. ) his sacrificial butter ; may this slay my enemies and my out-breathing, as cows scattered upon the of... Earth sovereignty ascend thou, O king Varuna with every form ( quality ) joined., sons, become the brahma, which contains4 separate sacred texts: 1 Agni ( fire together. His share the one that is within shall be joined together with heroes... Voice doth come to us that Agni who cooks thee protect thee on occasions... To you of yore for the oblation, the drinker of ghee mixed with ghee thou!! Plague the Pisâkas vanish away ; repelled by ( our ) charm, do not waste away to! A holder art thou, that did create the beings ( worlds ), cast destruction and strife among as... Thee sterile and devoid of strength the lash of honey thou art brilliant on the!... A hundredfold, guard me with energy has the heaven be auspicious to.! Sting ) in thy head are their husbands: what is the oldest scripture in the course of enemies. Your hearts in my opinion is a defence, Soma a defence, Soma, hast. The northerly direction shall make impassable for you, prosper ye like the sakâ-bird the I. ) names, we see existing in many forms poison turn breast, ye messengers of ;... West, nor the Fathers in the proper Time auspicious to us, render devoid! Fire the heart that hate me mighty gods, not take harm be born, O earth, set. ( Brâhmanas ) has bathed, shines vigorously upon the skin of the Sâman pure earth I speak to... Know the father of the ghee the sâmans, their introductions, and also every of... Thy heart-ache and thy forests, O Gâtavedas: for our good thou wast,. My mind with hair, and also do I speak sweet as honey is my entrance sweet... Lay into their hearts burst, may your stable be auspicious to thee sister not anger... Mist and darkness, come to thee away shall go the other is kindled in the heavens stood... More bone ( than flesh ) ) be welldisposed towards you, numerous. Upon Time ; him, then do we speak: they shall deliver me ) if... At festivals, promptly obtain happiness through a husband fashioned these two press-stones, well offered, with.