The Local Transport Plan is an important tool to help councils, our partners and our local communities plan for transport in a way that best meets the needs of the local area. 11 Local Government Act 2001 2001, No. During the latter stages of the Local Transport Act 2008's passage through the UK Parliament, the Department for Transport consulted on draft regulations and guidance to support the implementation of these provisions. An order made under the Transport and Works Act 1992 ... rail schemes in England which require development consent under the Planning Act 2008. The Local Transport Act 2008 removed the link between traffic commissioners and traffic areas and created the office of senior traffic commissioner. 37 Local Government (Roads Functions) Act 2007 2007, No. A brief summary of what the legislation covers and commencement provisions, with links to further information. The examples or illustrations in this The pdf format of this document is available at: The Government are announcing today the … The Local Transport Act 2008 includes provisions designed to make bus quality contracts schemes-the London-style model of bus contracts-a more realistic option for local transport authorities throughout England and Wales.The Government announced on 10 December 2009 that these provisions will come into force, in England, on 11 January 2010.. Local Transport Act 2008 OFT452 . Additionally local authorities have a duty under sections 508F and 508G of the Education Act 1996, as inserted by section 57 of the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009. Employer Factsheet: Local Transport Act 2008 Filters It deals with important areas of public transport with particular attention to local bus services and sets out the Government’s intentions to amend the law relating to local authority responsibilities for a more consistent approach to local transport … General Acts 2008 Ch 26 Local Transport Act 2008 Publication Year 2008 Document Status Latest version of document. 3 This guidance is not a substitute for the Transport Act 2000, as amended by the Local Transport Act 2008, or the Competition Act 1998 and it is not a definitive interpretation of the law.1 It should be read in conjunction with the legislation. Where can I view the plan? Publisher Information Legislation - UK. Legislation tracker note: Local Transport Act 2008 Practical Law UK Articles 3-384-1399 (Approx. 2. Publications available from: The Stationery Office Ltd PO Box 276 Nine Elms Lane London SW8 5DR … Our local transport plan policy document was published in 2011 in accordance with the Local Transport Act 2008 and sets out our transport policies up to 2026. 38 Maternity Protection Acts 1994 and 2004 Minimum Notice and Terms of Employment Acts 1973 to 2005 It is a statutory requirement of the Local Transport Act, 2008 to have one. Under section 508F, the local authority is required to make such arrangements for the provision of transport as they consider necessary in respect of: Please note: All local transport authorities have a legal duty to produce and maintain an Local Transport Fund as outlined in the 'Transport Act 2000' (later amended by the 'Local Transport Act 2008'). The plan covers walking, cycling, public transport, car based travel and freight, together with the management and maintenance of local roads and footways. Local transport plan. 7. Local Transport Act 2008: Explanatory Notes. Related Content. This Order makes consequential and supplementary amendments to primary and subordinate legislation that DUBLIN TRANSPORT AUTHORITY ACT 2008 ... Local Government Act 1991 1991, No. 4 pages) Ask a question Legislation tracker note: Local Transport Act 2008. by PLC Property. You can view the whole plan below: Staffordshire Local Transport Plan 2011 to 2026 - Strategy Plan (3.7 MB) Local Transport Act 2008 - regulations and guidance on bus partnerships: response to consultation.