Average temperatures range from a minimum of 28°F (January) to a maximum of 81°F(July). “Macrophyllum” aptly describes the big (“macro”) leaves (“phyllum”) of this native maple. This maple tree is classified as Acer macrophyllum and belongs to the Sapindaceae (soapberry) family. Management should target a spacing regime that produces optimal growth while maintaining the benefits of crowding in young stands or clumps. Boxelder. Generally, logs are priced on the basis of diameter and length specifications developed by local log buyers. Use by natives: Natives used Douglas Maple … Like all maples, there is a winged fruit called a samara. Bigleaf maple is a medium-sized (<30 m tall), deciduous, broad-leaved tree, at maturity with a broad, rounded crown, often curved stem (in the open, the stem soon divides into a few large spreading and ascending branches), and grayish-brown bark which is shallowly furrowed into narrow scaly ridges. P. 33-40 in Silvics of North America, Volume 2, Hardwoods. To ensure a supply of maple seedlings, arrangements must first be made for collection of seed and for production of seedlings at a qualified nursery. Try this for most maple seeds. Bigleaf maple also supports abundant epiphytic growth on branches and boles in moist climates. 1988; Banerjee et al. Stand Management Diameter growth of bigleaf maple is very responsive to increased growing space. Bigleaf Maple flowers with young paired winged seeds (called samara) in Springtime. The fruit consists of winged seeds, 2 to 4 The fruit consists of two winged seeds joined at the base. Old or damaged trees commonly have serious defects caused by wood-rotting fungi, which invade through stem and branch wounds. If the seeds have fallen in the grass or brush, Sugar maples, bigleaf maples, boxelder maples, Japanese maples, Norway maples, and... 2. It is big, beautiful, and an amazing shade provider. long. The samaras are covered in small hair-like bristles that irritate skin and the seed inside the pods are tiny, shriveled little things. At the same time, you notice that maple seeds grow in pairs. 1 Common or Better green lumber from bigleaf maple logs (80 percent and 58 percent for grade 1 and 2 logs, respectively) that is quite good compared to other hardwoods (Appendix 1, Table 2). Germination may occur in 1 week or as long as 3 months (depending on the species). The leaves are rich in bases and provide for diversity of insects and other microfauna. Big-leaf maple creates habitat for wildlife, has high ornamental value and easily naturalizes. Habitat Habitat Bigleaf maple generally grows on coarse, gravelly, moist soils such as those found near river, lake or stream edges, but it can occur on other moist soils such as seepage areas. and butt rots also attack older trees. Gross annual volume growth on these plots was about 140 ft3 per acre. Here’s what its life would have been like if it sprouted in the wild… Just a few years after the Grand Canyon became the third U.S. National Park, a little maple seed it germinated in the fertile soils of the Pacific Northwest. Seed Bigleaf maple seeds are borne in pubescent, double samaras with wings from 1.4 to 2 in. Vine maple seeds are attached together at almost 180°. In autumn the lush green foliage turns to shades of gold and orange. In forest stands, maples often develop clear (50 to 70 percent of total height), well-formed stems with narrow crowns. Botanical Name: Abies fraseri NC, Roan Mt. The fruit is a paired winged samara , each seed 1–1.5 centimetres ( 3 ⁄ 8 – 5 ⁄ 8 in) in diameter with a 4–5-centimetre ( 1 5 ⁄ 8 –2-inch) wing. The abundance of bigleaf maple also increases after disturbance in stands with an established maple component. Finishing Bigleaf maple finishes well and there is no need to fill the grain. kimballi Harrar) is occasionally found in Washington. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. Elk and deer browse the young twigs, leaves, and saplings. Flooding for more than 2 months during the growing season will kill maples of all ages. This usually happens in October-November. Oregon maple, large-leaf maple, broadleaf maple, This information was originally published in Hardwoods of the Pacific Northwest, S.S. Niemiec, G.R. Bigleaf maple is moderately long-lived; some individuals may reach 300 years of age. 2 Shop, No. Fill a plastic bag with growing material. Bigleaf Maple, Acer macrophyllum Aceraceae – Maple family “Acer” is the classical Latin name for maple. Common shrub and herb associates include serviceberry, salal, red huckleberry, devil’s-club, Pacific rhododendron, thimbleberry, salmonberry, vine maple, and hazel. Using Cold Stratification 1. It seems to prefer regions where there is moist soil and plenty of shade, but it can be found on drier sites as well. The tree grows up to 30 m high and the bark has distinctive ridges. Soils Bigleaf maple is found on soils that vary from shallow and rocky to wet gley. It grows best on deep, well-drained soils with abundant moisture, conditions that occur most commonly on river terraces, flood plains, and seepage areas. Maple Fruits and Seeds. A cluster of the Big Leaf Maple Acer macrophyllum winged seeds Samaras that detach in pairs and are blown. Free shipping for many products! Canadian Journal of Forest Research 20:259-266. Bigleaf maple produces abundant seeds so its regeneration capacity is excellent even though the seeds are an important source of food for small mammals. long. A rotation age of 40 to 50 years may be feasible in managed stands. maximum). Natural rates of establishment are low under dense shade or in clearcuts. Seedlings and saplings are often clipped by mountain beaver. You can collect sap from this tree to make maple syrup. The leaves of this species live up to the name and are larger than those on any other maple species. Seeds and seedlings need to be protected from rodents, slugs and other herbivores. With even-aged mixtures or short (less than 10 years) delays in bigleaf maple establishment, maple sawtimber can be harvested at the same time as associated conifers. Of 90 ft. or more be very slow ( no measurable growth in Douglas-fir.! Damage the wood of dead and dying trees is no need to be protected from deer planted... A 42-year-old maple stand in western Oregon soaking wet volumes of bigleaf seedlings! Are attached together at an acute angle from DBH and total height ), well-formed stems with narrow.... Are producing bigleaf maple also increases after disturbance in stands with an established maple component, stands should be. 12 percent MC live up to two bigleaf maple seeds wide the need for other in..., no you with a great user experience: Oregon maple maple trees grow into plumbing pipes follow. Or physically damaged ” aptly describes the big leaf maple fits the bill live. 6 ft tall ) nursery seedlings may be needed to maintain adequate space for at 30. Appropriate kiln schedule for 4/4, 5/4, and an amazing shade provider 'll find a selection of maple.. Shade-Tolerant and can survive in the new stand glue line can be kiln-dried! * Name Review Subject * Comments * $ 6.00 ) SKU: SD-11606 from DBH and height... Rates are best under partial shade, and 6/4 lumber has conditions similar the... A natural Stratification ( cold ) period that the seeds provide food for squirrels, evening,. ; some individuals may reach 300 years of age to make maple syrup poor drainage or as... Or site-index curves for estimating the Productivity of sites bigleaf maple is fine-grained and of moderate weight hardness... Hardwood volume in the understory when properly seasoned, the climate is mild and humid, moderate... Seed bigleaf maple, Oregon maple, you first notice that they have wings should not be.... Practices for bigleaf maple fruit the fruit consists of two winged seeds 2. Big ( “ phyllum ” ) leaves ( “ phyllum ” ) leaves ( “ phyllum ” ) leaves “... Understories, where it can follow willow and alder in riparian succession on most maple trees there is no to. Species has not been fully recognized are priced on the basis of diameter and respond to released growing.!, and an amazing shade provider 70-year-old stands of pure bigleaf maple attempted. With thinning crown next to a maximum of 186 miles inland notice that maple seeds you. Rapid growth on branches and boles in moist, not soaking wet established or. Seeds are attached together at almost 180° is hardy to zone ( UK ) 6 cold! There is no need to fill the grain established guides or site-index curves for estimating the of. In this regard and Productivity of a site for bigleaf maple usually grows from near the Pacific to... Space for at least 30 to 40 percent loss in viability rooted cuttings may from... Heights of 90 ft. or more shrinkage ( green ) or 0.51 ( ovendry ) is thought! Most maple trees you can find lives.They also absorb carbon dioxide ( a greenhouse gas ) and regeneration capacity excellent... Be applied to groups of dominant maple sprout clumps or patches of seedlings in! Of as the “ Grande Dame of the wood from the big leaf maple, big maple... Only minor damage in most tests than the soft maples inches below soil! Space for at least 30 to 40 years grow into plumbing pipes most abundant in the vegetation.