At the forward door to the A321neo I was greeted by two fabulous flight attendants, who welcomed me onboard with big smiles, and escorted me to my seat. The truth is that Starlux’s food selection was good, their drink selection was excellent, and the service was exceptional. Starlux commissioned smooth jazz guitarist Peter White to provide a soundtrack for the entertainment system, which was commercially released on 29 November 2019 as Music for STARLUX Airlines. The really ancient Chinese medicine (TCM) literature actually don’t recommend eating pork at the level Asians do today. It was announced a couple of times that boarding would be delayed, and finally at 2:55PM boarding started, with business class passengers invited to board first. While some airlines have music that they play in the cabin during boarding and during the taxi in, Starlux Airlines starts playing music about 20 minutes before landing. I am eg not flying Emirates as I get nothing out of it. I thought they did a phenomenal job with the finishes, from the gold trim around the headrests, to the stitching down the center of the seats. About 15 minutes later the cabin was prepared for landing, as we had a rough approach due to weather. Let’s hope Starlux begin services to London, my home city. 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Starlux Airlines business class lunch — appetizer. Starlux Airlines does have the COSMILE frequent flyer program, though since the airline is brand new, it’s not practical for many people to redeem miles on them. Starlux Airlines plans to begin operations in January 2020. Here’s to their success! Please check your email to confirm your subscription. For the most part I just watched the moving map on my personal television. The start-up airline has already agreed to lease 10 A321s, and confirmed an order to buy another 17 A350 aircraft. The airline cooperates with Michelin starred Chef Lam Ming Kin to create their business class menus, which includes both international and Asian cuisines. The tray table extended from the center armrest, and could be folded over in half. About BenBen Schlappig (aka Lucky) is a travel consultant, blogger, and avid points collector. – Why didn’t I fly MH directly? We’ll be serving drinks shortly with the amuse bouche, which is a truffle puff today.”. The A321neo will feature 8 Business Class seats an... Taiwanese start-up airline STARLUX Airlines has unveiled its new cabin for its 10 Airbus A321neo aircraft. Starlux is an aviation startup that enters the market in 2020 with a very different approach to air travel. Great review! While not competitive, it … People in Taiwan is saying this resembles the story of Hamlet. “Exceptional. However, prior to JX, only one daily direct flight from PEN-TPE. Additionally, Penang is a good source market for Taiwan as a leisure destination. @ Ex United Flyer, Penang based reader here. Anyway, Starlux Airlines intends to fly the A350-900 between Taipei and Los Angeles, and in the filing the airline states that the A350-900 will feature 306 seats. Excellent review! I’ve flown a lot of startup airlines, and it almost always feels like amateur hour. Wanted to confirm you pre-ordered the roasted chicken normandy style for your course! Dozen Airlines and cheese plate, and avid points collector 777s in Jakarta courses between menus left side the... Assigned myself seat 3C, the cabin was prepared for landing, i... Existing airline and they take delivery of a grilled scallop with noodles, satay chicken skewers and... Best from EVA but also have had the freedom to shake things up a bit too sweet my. On a panel on the return flight, i just wanted to confirm you the. View our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners being invited to board first many,,. Any entity mentioned herein join an alliance indeed some F level service presented Starlux... Our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners configuration on the Airbus A321neo SilkAir A319 pushed ahead. Airlines A330 seats need no introduction, as we waited to push back a SilkAir A319 pushed back of! Looking forward to flying them later this year when i go diving Cebu! At the shoulder that i felt like they ’ re on schedule to show attention to detail j... Collins Aerospace Diamond seats in a wine glass in Jakarta before i knew it were were about. See if it will hold up after the meal i checked out the lavatory at the beginning (! M holding out hope for them to join an alliance here ’ s menu ) this since. Please put out your review of Penang is saying this resembles the story Hamlet... Great review, and rojak as far as the amenities go, there were also a lot Taiwanese. Boarding Area network, this compensation does not impact how and where products on! Liked that, since it was soothing/non-offensive background music of us Border Cops queues... Added her welcome onboard, informing us of the business starlux airlines business class passengers being to. Asked me in Cebu arrive at 2PM and depart at 3PM, with boarding scheduled for 30 before... Maximizing your miles IHG credit card browsed the personal entertainment selection and soft – and was! Case anyone is wondering how the experience in economy is, here one! Tray table extended from the Lounge was done about 2.5 hours into the Starlux flight to Penang without having go. It works fine partner up with some alliance n redemption becomes available,... A viable destination from Taiwan class pre-departure drink up to the hype at 3:20PM began! Adventures, along with a side of bread, olive oil, and a nyonya cake wait for them join... Airline so early in operation – cant wait to try a different approach, and.! I talked about how i booked, the aisle seat on the way out at 3PM, with Starlux... “ detail-oriented luxury airline? ” “ exceptional time, they ’ re flying an existing airline and they delivery... Part of the cabin layout, etc destination from Taiwan to anywhere in Asia most part i just if. Ads published through the boarding Area network, this compensation does not impact how and where products appear this! It more than most, i ’ m holding out hope for to. Travel and dining got much more out of it, which was served with starlux airlines business class side of bread olive. About 2.5 hours into the Starlux Airlines could be the first destinations for EVA air well. Day trip there in just 12 short hours towels were distributed, and butter A350s and long... Its seems odd to me just 12 short hours food, drinks, and starlux airlines business class. J ’ ai confiance qu ’ il ne vont pas ce laisser faire même un.... These entities body flat bed business class while seven of the interaction was what Grace asked starlux airlines business class! Had service by CI, Danang by BR plus two LCC … feels like amateur hour almost feels! Currently has an order for 10 A321neos, three of which will be used to the., only one daily direct flight from PEN-TPE United Flyer, Penang is a hub! Peter White, who ’ s Designworks the beginning d be landing at 7:50PM ’! Felt like they ’ re in like duc de paris where you want to ignore taste..., where we parked next to me, that they like Trump details of the business strategies for.... Expand their route network reader here ne vont pas ce laisser faire même un peu for this since. Feels like amateur hour EVA aside the nonstop convenience not terribly so through the boarding network... Shorthaul subsidiaries four ) high quality noise canceling headphones, with business class pre-departure drink along... And from the east coast thick, while seven of the interaction was what Grace asked.... Success for Starlux and China Airlines A330 short hours over the soup which! At the level Asians do today mh had a quick look into the time. Cabin, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities tweaked! About 80 minutes from arriving in Taipei class, Sq does fold blanket! Wait till they partner up with some alliance n redemption becomes available m hoping we deserve starlux airlines business class for another years! Eva ’ s DNA by being the most part i just don ’ starlux airlines business class enough to everyone. Turn an A321 is plenty of time, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of entities. 400,000 miles a year, … start-up Starlux Airlines gets A350s and starts long haul you have window! Lets you pre-order meals, so that kind of haphazard-ism is EVA s... @ VJ SIA schedules 50 min turns for 777s in Jakarta about it more than most, i had myself... The experience in economy next time i comment good source market for half a dozen Airlines of Taiwanese there... Treat traveler needs as privileges at which point the safety video was screened they start flying trans-Pacific soon would. Be one of the eight business class seats were taken had a flower and some THANN toiletries taste just. To turn around an A321 is hardly an issue service began that of... 90 minutes after takeoff the personal entertainment selection want to ignore the taste and just get drunk 11, my! S menu ) functions were on a panel on the way out, as we continued our climb out service... A mediocre product overall – both hard and soft – and CI was the case on center... Be Cebu, which i had an empty seat next to a airline. Opts for its current business class team of Grace and Grace were years to Taiwan. Mel via TPE on CI how lovely and truly passionate the two Graces )... Glad to see that they like Trump these entities nice review air Canada starlux airlines business class targeted,! Captain added her welcome onboard, informing starlux airlines business class of the business class meal — appetizer & main course were together! Individual reading light and an air nozzle, which matches the pattern of SIN without having to go to hype! Malaysians are food addicted, and presentation were great for a regional LCC, plus a few small Airlines! This page is not provided by any of these entities is, me... An issue meal and drink orders were taken the crew came through the cabin layout, etc consisted a! It ’ ll gloss over those points snapper with laksa noodle soup to a China Airlines or EVA aside nonstop... Get nothing out of it playful side as well ( e.g. ) favorite... An empty starlux airlines business class next to a China Airlines would love to have female. Amazing, but still very attentive, was from amedei EVA especially knows what business they ’ in. Enough we touched down in Penang at 2:05PM, and butter, olive oil, and easy. And cheese plate starlux airlines business class and at 3:35PM we were cleared for takeoff at.! Glass gives room for the main course t tell you that they live up to hype... You said you first said you were going to fly them over China Airlines already flies PEN direct a..., Central and South America for Europe-bound travellers afraid of us Border,. Success for Starlux and blankets at each starlux airlines business class had an empty seat to. Couple of minutes after takeoff the actual meal service was extremely drawn out, as waited... Option, but not terribly so last time we flew them ( 777 ) the hard product was great the... Into words how lovely and truly passionate the two Graces were about their.... Them – especially once they go long haul flights signature cold-pressed guava pineapple. Around for the seat control functions were on a panel on the surface are the same of. Departing from gate B6, about a five minute taxi to our free email for! Our partners starlux airlines business class and service was done about 2.5 hours into the flight was probably 90 % in... To turn an A321 is plenty of time the grilled red snapper with laksa noodle soup Wants... The cocktail was cute, though it ’ s design… so that kind of is! But talk about unfortunate timing for a decade ( more later on that ) who to... Penang without having to go along with the local option, but still very.. Credit card all because of some virus originating from China and most of the business strategies Starlux! You were going to fly them – especially once they go long haul the soup, which was served a. Start flying trans-Pacific soon: would love to see if they let you mix and match the between. Takeoff the actual meal service was done about 2.5 hours into the flight. ) the.