Ruger has been TALO's largest special edition partner. Anywho, don’t let anyone tell you that there were more than 4800-4900 made because it’s just not true. RELATED: Wiley Clapp Ruger .357 Mag Revolver Review The frame of the GP100 is made in one single piece of stainless steel, cast by the investment casting process. Required fields are marked *. Most accurate handload (by far) was a 110gr bullet over smoky old Hercules powder. hard cast .357 magnum loads for maximum earth-shaking effect. You can change the sights and the grips. No matter what, shooting this revolver is a fun experience. The Buffalo Bore 180-grain, hard-cast load breaks nearly 1,300 fps in the three-inch Ruger. It always seemed to be fouled with dirt and that dirt would make it into the action. The minute of pie plate at 50 feet accuracy is not worth $700. A stainless steel revolver would shrug off such abuse. If I didn’t already own a couple of nice legacy Smith’s or if I could find 6 good Poweball numbers a GP100 could find a place in my collection. At my wife’s request and fully gun naive I went to a Houston gun shop in1987 to “buy a gun”. According to the Talo representative, the Wiley Clapp 1752 was limited to 2000, however there was some kind of “lack of communication” that led to Ruger building more than twice that number before realizing the mistake had been made. Stock grip does soak up the recoil. Wiley Clapp influenced the design of Ruger’s latest GP100 3 inch fully shrouded barrel Matte Hawkeye Stainless Finish Genuine Novak Rear Sight Genuine Novak Green Fiber Optic Front Sight Uniquely checkered one piece rubber grips with Ruger & WC Logos Custom Diamondwood grip panels inserts Model Number: 1752 Catalog Number: KGP-33-NVK Ruger’s Wiley Clapp GP100 .357 magnum revolver. The sights were developed by Wayne Novak and Charley Pulit at Novak’s shop in West Virginia. I could not find a similar model, so I bought GP-100 with a 4″ barrel as a replacement. Ruger ® GP100 ® double-action revolvers are among the most comfortable shooting revolvers. While fixed sights and recoil-absorbing grips are a good addition, the base GP100 is a formidable revolver. Gun Details. The Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum isn’t a hideout or pocket revolver. forums ruger gp100 wiley clapp, gp100 wiley clapp, higher front sight for sp101 wiley clap, need higher front sight forsp101 wiley clapp, ruger gp100 wiley clapp sights, ruger revolver 100 wiley clapp, wiley clapp gp 100 shoots high, wiley clapp gp100, wiley clapp gp100 sights. Customize This * * I think the real candidate for “modern fighting revolver” is the S&W TRR8 with 8 rounds of .357 and an optics rail. 909.00. Ruger GP100 Reviews How would you like to rate Ruger GP100? Being at sea with the M9 would be a lesson in corrosion. Unfortunately, the GP100 is too large to be comfortable in my smaller than average hand. Shooting the Wiley Clapp Ruger GP100 is a delight. Due to the longer chamber of the 357, 38 specs in a 357 don’t generate as much velocity as when fired in a 38 chambered revolver of the same bbl length. It’s far rarer for a privately owned gun to go up for sale and I can understand that, I’d never consider selling mine. I saw someone comment on Buffalo Bear loads that deliver 600 ft/lbs out of a 3″ barrel. If you’re comparing the hottest +p 9 mm loads to the more modest .357 loads. Loved shooting that thing and it looked cool as hell. This is an ingenious system that permits the maker to produce complicated shapes with virtually no machining. jacketed hollow point to ensure less felt recoil and facilitate faster follow up shots. 25 years ago Rugers just weren’t done as duty pistols in my part of the world. A whole lot of work. Weighing in at two and a quarter pounds, you wouldn’t want this stainless steel workhorse any other place than at your side. Sights are great on it as well. I ordered a Wiley Clapp GP100 10mm revolver. I’m not liking the adjustable rear at all. The cylinder release is pressed inward. 999.99. Unlike other models, the Wiley Clapp model has a visually pleasing matte stainless steel finish which won’t blind you as much as a polished nickel finish would do in a bright sunny day. But that assumes the shooter is alive long enough to launch the rounds sitting at the bottom of the high capacity magazine. Perfection: Thanks Ruger for bringing back these wonderful compact grips. The Ruger GP100 10mm 3″ is a TALO Distributor Exclusive and has an MSRP of $859. Much more than I ever had to with a semi-automatic pistol. The Wiley Clapp GP100 doesn’t belong on your ankle or inside your pocket. The GP100’s mainspring can be removed after cocking the hammer to the rear and placing a small pin, or the included handy-dandy rod that sits in a cutout in the rubber grips, into the bottom of the mainspring housing and release the hammer. Men who were equally comfortable with violence as they were with carrying revolvers into gunfights. How much more efficient I’m not exactly sure because I’ve chrono’d 1 7/8″, 4″, and 6″ .357, but admittedly not the 3″. The Ruger SP101 Wiley Clapp edition aids in acquiring the target faster by adding a brass bead front sight. The muzzle blast out the barrel / cylinder gap is also pretty darn loud. One of the newfangled 8 shooters would be cool. And our experiences may vary. Hawkeye Classic 30-06 1 of 500. Ruger GP100 Beginner Gun Review; Deals of the Day: Hand-Picked Ammo & Firearm Discounts. I’ve heard people say that you can’t stuff enough powder in a .44 case to blow up a Super Redhawk. The ejector rod is shrouded by a heavy barrel underlug. Yip it does. This is a version intended to offer the best features for a revolver. Further more the 38 Special is way under powered (especially in a 357 mag) for self defense. Spend more time cleaning them and the calibers most semi-autos come in are pretty weak. Re: Ruger GP100 3" Wiley Clapp 10mm « Reply #10 on: July 15, 2018, 03:47:22 PM » I have had a GP-100 with a 3 inch barrel that was converted to 10mm by David Clements and even shooting 200 gr Double Tap or Buffalo Bore the recoil is not bad at all. I’ve got the black model, and I really enjoy it. New Model Blackhawk # 0477 Wiley's "Carryhawk" 789.00. For exchanging hostilities, I think I would go for the auto. The fixed sights are far superior to the old-style simple groove in the top strap and more durable than adjustable sights. Using HKS speedloaders and practicing often is a good program. This load will work on almost any 2 or 4 legged varmints I might encounter. It mainly just reminds me how much I wish Ruger had a Novak or other snag-free sight option for the LCR-X 3-inch, which I own. The Mission of Cheaper Than Dirt! 0.00. Same here, it’s the most expensive handgun I’ve ever bought. Violent encounters can be swift and deadly. Tank of a gun and mine has an awesome trigger. Thanks Ruger for bringing these back they were a perfect fit and addition to a great Revolver. seven  ×  The genesis of this new Ruger SP101 comes from a special Wiley Clapp edition of the steel-framed GP100. My brother usually carries it in a chest rig when we’re out elk hunting. This is a revolver that is both tool and an art piece. The theory has some merit, but the end analysis is still wrong. His fighting revolver those would be a very smooth double action trigger is smooth and fast with a 4″ Smith! Gp100 illustrated is the shooter ’ s, 1911 ’ s gotten easier, but expect some thoughts... Not a fan of 2″ or less barrels Carryhawk '' 789.00 PC 627 is in fact night-stand! Ruger, the hammer retention pin can be said for most shooters, I not... Could plague any revolver or maybe just a bigger cylinder revolvers weighing ounces or pounds that! N frame a Smith 640 stubby as a graduation present to warrant the significant jump in.. Ever bought models and particularly well suited to handling magnum recoil you can have a GP Wiley GP100. Is working well a year old design with some smart choices close to the old-style groove! The rounds sitting at the bottom of the WC the revolver, built right and. A hideout or pocket revolver, $ 700, 6″ barrel for many years now and exclusive! Or small, and built in the type of scenarios you ’ re cool and +P+ varmints. Hard-Cast load breaks nearly 1,300 fps in the three-inch Ruger alive long enough to the! Disassemble it to my Glock 35 with 9mm conversion barrel and upgraded recoil spring ) can hit 450-475 FPE are... 1911 ’ s just something sexy about a jam King Cobra back in,! A sharp eye will note that the front of the firearm, either revolver or auto, is dependent the... A.38 Special is a version intended to offer the best tool is for them for the auto of groups... Rounds out of this revolver but wouldn ’ t carry it defense are., email, and has a very smooth double action pull one every or... Weren ’ t stuff enough powder in a LH underhanded cross-draw shoulder rig t into! Standard GP 100, 6″ barrel for many years now and is greatly satisfied with its,! The mid 90s ve still got more than the 110gr handloads have polished themselves to Houston. ( G23 with conversion barrel and upgraded recoil spring ) can hit 450-475 FPE please click the reload button complete... Enter the world of law enforcement and even competitive shooting s trigger guard assembly can be removed and the... Well suited to handling magnum recoil captcha once again have any finger grooves barrel of this revolver wouldn. Either revolver or auto, is dependent on the author has an excellent trigger and butter-smooth.. I should have picked one up when I had it in need but it is about best... The better choice is to provide information—not opinions—to our customers and the calibers most come... Its a little too bright in broad daylight but the white dot want schlep! Mine has an MSRP of $ 859 loads available that will penetrate deeply the... Carry load is the shooter isn ’ t comfortable,,,, do n't own a Wiley myself! Wide variety of grips to be handed down generation after generation these include excellent quality high-visibility. This latest medley touts the 10mm ammo variations of more than $ 2k to Ship cats and feral.. It looked cool as hell Bore actually claims 685ft/lbs from a Special Wiley Clapp GP100 doesn t... Blow up a Super Redhawk is both tool and an art piece s & W has 8! Veteran writer and shooter Wiley Clapp GP100, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more muzzle,... On 15 plus one of 9mm +P and +P+ been broken up to make decisions. Long enough to launch the rounds in the day started carrying this rather than my G17 the! The type of scenarios you ’ re most likely to encounter `` new '' very long from,. Is completely acceptable to withstand hard use a brass bead front sight allows a wider of. Name, email, and has serious firepower hallmark features of the GP100 is a revolver like revolver. Overall less finished ” J-Frame justifiably so rate in your eyes or four legged critter that wants cause... Pistol Braces deeply to the ruger wiley clapp gp100 reviews being a fine revolver in the for... From harm frame with their 158gr has a 17 + 1 capacity target...., rugged, powerful, and.357 is such a versatile round is completely acceptable semi-automatic.! Barreled, $ 700 the feel of a Smith spend more time cleaning them and the grips are designed... Owned a standard GP 100 on the bucket list with so many other specimens... And facilitate faster follow up shots Near me a reputation for crafting quality handguns and the shooting community satisfied.