I have about 10 hrs of work in my SP 101 and would have loved it had someone told me to up the power on the trigger spring. After reading Grant's Defensive Revolver book I was even more convinced that a revolver was the way to go for me. The full under lug and bobbed hammer are an excellent start, just some finishing touches really make this a smooth operator. I am told it is possible to wear one out, but despite years of attempting to do so, I have been entirely unsuccessful. My Ruger in the picture has had a set of springs that noticeably smoothed and reduced the triggers felt pull weight. Still, even a Smith weenie like me knows that Ruger makes good revolvers. If a lighter trigger pull is desired while firing, the shooter has the option of thumb cocking the hammer and shooting the revolver in traditional single action mode. And a Gemeni customs review…. The SP101 turns this preconceived notion into a myth, busted by making it easy for a person of any size to fire full-power .357 through such a small revolver. I installed the grip. In the real world it comes down to being able to shoot $75,000 worth of ammo through your $500 revolver as opposed to only $50,000 worth out of your $750 revolver. I love watching people argue over which is best; Ruger or S&W. just picked up a barely used SP101 .357… previous owner most likely thought it was defective, as i found that one chamber was ‘tight,’ resulting in sluggish almost-lockup after a dozen speedloader rounds in a range session (due to heat and carbon buildup) – cleaned up the wheelgun at the bench and measured the gap using a feeler guage – four chambers were w/in spec (.004-.008″), while one was .004″ or less-than-a-hair less… a quick gentle stone and recheck-cycle and the problem was solved – SP101s have close tolerances, especially when new, but won’t get ‘loose’ like Smiths – which i will never purchase new due to the insipid lock on nearly all models. No other hand gun round has surpassed the effectiveness of this round not even the mighty 357 sig. She’s no longer intimidated by the hammer and is appreciating the reduced recoil a heavier gun brings. If I was given a revolver I’d probably put it up in grease in a bag, with ammo in a ziplog, and some of that drying gel in an ammo can, and cache it someplace safe. seriously? I’m not a woman, but I understand you put the long strap across your body to make it harder for the purse snatcher (yes, I also know about cutting the strap with a knife, etc, but if a bad guy gets close enough to you to be able to pull and use a knife–well, you will be lucky if all that happens is your purse gets snatched, whatever may be in it). Then you can stand up and still have a round (or two) to make sure. Yes, revolvers aren’t for everybody, neither are autos. Additionally they fit my hand very well with no gaps between hand and grip and the textured synthetic grips have a better "feel" to them than the standard Ruger grips. I’m not talking about the polymer Ruger LCR when I say this. Here's my new baby: [URL=http://s1371.photobucket.com/user/NotoriousAPP/media/NotoriousAPPGeminiCustomSP101-edited_zpsbc368dfc.jpg.html][IMG]http://i1371.photobucket.com/albums/ag291/NotoriousAPP/NotoriousAPPGeminiCustomSP101-edited_zpsbc368dfc.jpg[/IMG][/URL]. All you need is about five gallons of elbow grease to turn this Amish mule into a Budweiser Clydesdale. (8 lbs Main spring) Gemini Customs offers other ways to pimp out this pistol. This is my second SP101, years ago, I owned a 357 SP 101, that was very inaccurate. The SP101 is perfectly balanced and fires with no pull or lift. Carry the largest caliber, in the most reliable gun you can CONTROL consistently. A custom Altamont hardwood grip with stippled and checkered sides permits an ideal grip for any shooting environment. I haven't been visiting much in the last few months because I truly hated the design changes you had made to the site so long ago. These people need a revolver. The Trigger Pull before was very tough in Double Action, with a inconsistent Single Action trigger pull weight of 5 pounds. Not a damn thing. The frame where the pawl drags both top and bottom. Please note that if the trigger spring isn’t strong enough the trigger will feel gritty. The SP101 is not a pistol, it’s a revolver. They do work, but they aren’t as quick as a 3-dot. I do not recommend carrying any firearm in a handbag. They are all fun to shoot and a lot of them will make good defensive and carry guns. polished the hammer strut, SA & DA pulls much lighter & it still sets off every brand primer I've tried. Not bad at all, a little more of an experiences article than an actual review, but still pretty good. The factory wood/rubber stocks are comfortable for me, but it usually wears a set of Hogues. Or maybe it’s just so heavy it absorbs the recoil well. Get a few of each and have the best of both worlds. Customizability The others are folks like me. I have given away more than 8,000 of these e-books, and would especially love to give it to every woman on the planet. And I can tell you that pretty much all women, if instructed properly, can operate slides on full-size nines. Like the SP101 the way it is–have a few of them & the triggers were as good or better than S&W’s I have shot without any work–also, why would you mess up the looks by filing & polishing?–leave it alone–the SP101 looks like a real gun & not some gussied up safe queen–these guns were meant to be used. Just helicopter that make shift mace around your head a few times and you can land a real eye opener onto the noggin of any would-be sexual offender. I smoothed and polished my SP 101 and changed the mainspring and trigger return spring now it's my favorite carry gun. I did a trigger job and added a Hogue grip. After this install, the Double Action trigger pull was Much Better, and the Single Action Trigger Pull Dropped to a Very Smooth Consistent 3 1/2 Pounds! The arch nemesis to Ruger is without question Smith & Wesson. Type “self defense book” in the subject line so it goes to the right filter. It is a fantastic gun and very good looking IMO. After you’ve got it to the desired shape, now is the time to put on the Lord of the Rings Trilogy directors cut, because you’re going to be there a while with all of the polishing. And then it will do it again. If you can’t point and shoot to hit your target center mass most likely you are going to die. I’ve used all manner of firearms from military to muzzle loaders. With the monogrip pictured is that thing still pocketable? 8-oz. Yes, I have one. My position remains, tho, that a complete newbie, particularly one with relatively weak hands, who needs immediate SD capability is better off with a good-quality DA revolver until such time as they can acclimate to something else if need be. But I knew it could be made even better. I had the pleasure of owning/shooting some good revolvers in my lifetime: Colt “Officers Model Match .38”, Smith & Wesson Combat Masterpiece .38, Smith “J” (old model) .38. The replacement they sent me started locking up after a SINGLE shot. Improving the trigger pull involves disassembling the revolver, sanding / polishing surfaces, installing shims, and replacing factory springs with lighter springs. The real gem hidden within the SP101 lies in the solid stainless steel construction. It is NASTY and painful to shoot, and almost impossible to control well enough to fire on target more than one round… and often not that one. The misnomer that revolvers are more durable and need less maintenance is false. Sure, but if you wear the strap cross-body, then you’ll have a pretty hard time deploying it as an improvised flail (not a mace) for “grabassers” as the review suggests…, I recall hearing about a company that made reinforced anti-strap cut purses. It might be a little on the heavy side, but sometimes a little extra weight can be a good thing. Ruger ~ SP101 ~ 9mm Description: This like new Ruger SP101 has a smooth double-action trigger pull, and a clean, crisp break in single-action. The concealed hammer forces one to become a more proficient double-action shooter as well as enhancing the “concealability”. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Did I understand from one of the previous comments, that the .327cal version is discontinued ? I’ll wind up with the gp because of hunting. Keep in mind, short barreled revolvers are really for typical defensive gun uses where the contact distance is seven yards or closer. hammer spring, you run the risk of having a light primer strike on ammo with hard primers. I found that with changing the springs to Wolf reduced power. Grips that fill and fit my hand are crucial. Short version: you want good hits? The Smiths come with a little more refinement and typically a better trigger from the factory. But for daughters first EDC, I’ll be following your advice, Mama. The 640 Pro Series got a much needed trigger job the first week. FBI has done extensive testing on hand gun rounds and this round put center mass is 98 percent effective. For more than 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. You can see this at any IDPA match with SSR guns around. The only criticism I have of my stolid little friend is the false reset problem that occurs with sloppy trigger technique. The next stop is the trigger. I detest the persistent myth that women new to guns can “only” shoot revolvers-I handed off a Glock 17 to a new shooter and she was able to clean her husbands clock with it. Each time I hold the firearm and prepare to fire, I must adjust the hold. Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. Thank you for checking out my videos & don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!! Let’s start with a look at the outer dimensions. I was bit by a copperhead last year and will carry this pistol loaded with that every minute that I leave my house and walk into the woods. Fellas at 10 yards I can punch a smiley face in the head of a paper target with my 2.25 inch sp101 using 125 grain full house magnums. Thanks, Mama, and the earlier poster for sharing your real world experience of what works, with most new female shooters. Clint Eastwood could have all the “do over’s” he needed. That automatic memory will kick in under stress in a micro second. That said, I have to agree with Leadbelly– if I’m going to carry something that heavy, it might as well be a 1911. I actually agree with this–if you have the time, you can train most anyone to use most any handgun efficiently (note “most”, not “any and all”). I will admit I didn’t read every comment, so maybe I missed it. The Mini was top dog until they banned the AR15, now the Mini is an also ran. What the Ruger offers in indestructibility and price, Smith and Wesson make up for in trigger refinement, weight reduction, and overall finish. BTW, my walk in the woods carry is a S&W 686 (no dash) with 6″ barrel. I had all the same work done to it as I did with with the 3 inch model. Insert a paper clip or the pin from behind the grip panel into the pin hole at the bottom end of the hammer strut. Thankfully bad guy left without gaining entry. What are you people doing with your Rugers that requires them to survive a drop off of the empire state building? Single action is wonderful, however double action required more detail. But if you’ve got arthritis or can’t handle the recoil (or DA pull) for whatever reason, the .357 snubby is probably not your best choice. The LCRx 3″ was just a little bit too difficult to conceal. For its class, it is an excellent pistol. Ultimate Ruger SP101 Trigger Job for a Complete Trigger Pull Improvement! They all get an opportunity to fire the Ruger. Anyway, he’s dead now and I personally don’t think that overshadows the fact that he was the closest thing to John Moses Browning since John Moses Browning. I gravitated to revolvers in part because I realized the odds of getting into a prolonged shootout are extremely low, but I can shoot revolvers much more accurately, especially at longer ranges. On a revolver you simply look at it and you can see the rims of the cases. Every time I read a revolver review talking about everyday practicality it just sounds like justification on behalf of the author. Picked up a new SP101 2 weeks ago, trigger pull was smooth but heavy, put in a Wilson Combat 10 lb. The blued SP101 exhibited an 11 lbs. It was S&W that caved to the Clinton Administration, not Ruger–I have a ton of Rugers & not one has ever needed any work on it. . The tradeoff between weight and shoot-ability is too high. I’ve carried a Ruger SP101 .357 for about ten years… at first as my primary EDC, but mostly as a backup gun since. Have about 500 rounds through it and have never had any light strike issue. Thank you for your replies. They associate it with cowboys, and cops (Danny Glover Lethal Weapon) and it’s just less intimidating. 9mm Luger I have looked at the SP though because of the .357 option. I went to a Glock 30 a year later. “…the best way I would recommend to carry this gun would be in a small pocket book, with an extremely long and strong strap…”. With products made in America, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 40 product lines. Ergonomics Carry * * * * trigger spring and is pretty gritty for a double action only gun. When you compare the trigger pull of the GP-100 to other double-action revolvers the GP does very well. Nice review though. a friend has an early .38 only version. Mine also wears a Hogue grip and a little red lipstick on the front sight. Take cover and let him run his 14 rounds out and then place 2 rounds 357 mag in his chest and fight will be over providing he not vested up. Well, that’s a matter of each to his/her own. I had the same experience with the big dot, I was shooting low until I got used to the sight, now it's dead on and the groups are good enough for defensive use distances.I don't have any complaints about carrying it, it's roughly the same weight as my glock 19 but is more comfortable to carry, I believe mostly due to the smooth wood grips. I think you know where this is going. for defense. After a few years of practice we realize we can handle a stronger cartridge and trust our skills enough that we don’t feel the need for 18 rounds in the magazine. – Small round bastard file I LOVE this gun! My fifty years of revolver/pistol shooting has proven a 99.9999% need for sight proficiency with any hand gun – with barrels from 2″ to 6″ plus. Custom Ruger SP101 Accessories by Combat Veterans! To fix this, you just need a Wolf 10 lb. These are fantastic guns right from the factory! I thought this is the way it should have come from the factory when I got it. The first stop is the grip. So it is a trade-off for me and really depends on where/how I intend to use the firearm. 11:14. Had I not done it myself, the gun and trigger job would have exceeded the cost of the Kimber which is and will remain, box stock from the factory. Easy does it, though. Customize This * * * * That said, there’s something wrong with QA when a gun can go out that gets a jammed cylinder after a single shot. The advantage to a revolver for the novice is they are simple to operate mentally, not physically. An “ultralight” in .38. The Ruger is slightly larger than the Smith. Same ammo with 25 rounds fired at 30 feet. and extensive polishing of all the internals. It could be easier. With properly sized and fitting grips you will still experience muzzle flip and a push into your hand but proper fit eliminates the slap-shot recoil pounding your middle finger and the web of your hand. It will take a couple hours to work your way from 400 grit to the Mother’ Mag compound, and that’s if you half-ass it like I did. I went from an 8 lbs trigger spring to a 9 lbs spring and am very pleased. Yep, love my little SP101. Fits perfect in a day timer zip up folio along with a strip loader, Surefire flash light, spare batteries and a Swiss Army knife. Just do a search for Ruger SP101 grips and they will turn up. I was told that steel wool shouldn’t be used because it can transfer to the stainless surface and cause rust spots to show. And this is how they ride in the DeSantis Super Fly pocket holster and a Bianchi outside the waistband belt holster. What I did find on my first range visit with it, is that I can fire more rounds comfortably with the SP101 than with the LCRx 3″. They offer several options for their trigger pull work. I had two consecutive (to me) SP101s that had poor enough cylinder gap tolerances that they needed to be sent back to the factory. I believe Jeff Cooper observed the snubbie was an experts gun. With the heaviest Buffalo Bore high-performance ammunition, the extraction was a bit sticky, but not enough so as to present a problem. A k frame modded to use .357 magnum rounds. The Ruger SP-101 is a great revolver, but the factory double action trigger pull can be heavy and a bit rough. We’re here to talk about a real American battle axe of a revolver, the Ruger SP101. Between me and the mrs we have 686’s, GP100’s, sp101’s in various sizes, and a few S&W air weights and 2 Security Sixes. Ruger is the ‘gun that you take to hell if you want to come back alive’. The “I can’t DO that” attitude comes on for reasons not always connected to physical capabilities. This world needs more guys like you! After doing a complete trigger job (no shims) smooth and polished the inside of the frame. This modification is to be done so at your own risk. Also works for Ruger GP100 Accessories and is Officially the Ruger SP101 / GP100 Trigger Spring Kit. Maybe I’m just nitpicking. Have a security six and even the heaviest buffalo bore fails to make it an unpleasant shooter. But the long trigger pull of this SP101 was lighter than expected at 10-lb. Yes we did. While brushed stainless steel is good for everyday abuse because it hides scratches, we’re not talking about a Viking’s battle axe anymore. If you really want a mirror like finish, it will take even longer. Strongly agree. I’ve owned and appreciate both but almost always gravitate towards Ruger. Dehorning the edges has made the biggest difference! You better let Clint handle that one. S&W is different. by not having the hammer to rely … Smooth the trigger up by shooting as often and as many rounds as you can. Yeah, got to come in on this section here. My problem with my security six is that it makes all of my self defense .357 ammo the most fun to shoot. Not one of my Rugers ever needed a trigger job; all were just right from new. Got them off of ebay. The Combat Masterpiece was courtesy of USAF. I don’t get it. the frame where the pawl drags both top and bottom. 🙂. The first one I had purchased used and would start locking up after about 15 rounds. It is surprisingly soft shooting with all of the factory and hand loads I’ve used. I live half way between the country and the city. Either way, save your breath, Ryan. If you’re going to carry around something every day you should pick out something with a little character. This trigger pull is awesome! I cannot shoot the revolver (ANY revolver) as accurately and consistently as I do the 9mm and it’s not a matter of practice. I agree with Mama Liberty. Your email address will not be published. Hunt with 44 mag, 460, 50 sw, 454 Cassull. It will be the last to be seized by the KKKalifornistas in Sackatomatos, so being simple and durable is good for long term storage too. Odds are more likely that your attacker will be under 5 yards away than over and DA is just fine 90% of the time. I've always wanted one and finally picked up one last year. If someone wants an easy to understand weapon and doesn’t want to put much into training and practice the revolver is still the best choice. A reduced power spring set will bring the trigger pull way down but … So that is the funnest review ever! Ruger…S&W…get them both and enjoy life!!! Much easier than a light weight .357 caliber revolver. I didn't receive it for another 11 months which happened to be the week before you published this review. One tough snubbie, although I haven’t dragged (just say no to “drug”) it down a gravel road, I’m sure it will stand up to just about anything. What I have found is that if the hand isn't making full contact with the grip it is bad for accuracy, recoil control and pain management. Hiking in hog or cougar country it's loaded with hollow points or JSPs. ... Ruger SP101 Trigger Job Part 1 - Duration: 11:14. rugerdude3 48,478 views. Concealed Carry Handgunshttp://2.bp.blogspot.com/_OKlb6h7hvWY/SpR9N20cphI/AAAAAAAACWM/NYKcZRg-ID4/s400/Black+Border.jpg. Considering my rank of Special Internet Commando Operations Armchair General, I would say the best way I would recommend to carry this gun would be in a small pocket book, with an extremely long and strong strap. Installing the Hogue Monogrip completely changes the way this gun fires for the better. I’m not prejudiced against the round guns. If you have a proper belt and holster, including pocket holster, the weight is no problem. Overall * * * * 1/2 I love both of them but if I had to choose one to carry it would be the S&W Shield, simply because of the inherent advantages to a semi-auto, mainly the larger capacity and quick reloading of a spare magazine. 🙂 I can shoot the XD very accurately with both hands, or either one alone. There are other times when sloppy drunks playing grabass need to be put back in check. Tested it. An immeasurably heavy trigger pull. Very enjoyable and informative remarks here. I sent mine back to the factory (I had never fired it.) They can give you a competition trigger pull which is amazingly light or can give you their "safe carry" pull which is heavier than their competition pull to keep you from negligently discharging the revolver when under the stress of a shooting situation and it is ultra reliable. The final result is entirely worth the time and effort. (9 lbs Trigger spring) You can polish a Ruger to make it as shiny as a S&W but no amount of labor will make a S&W as strong as a Ruger. and even buying nine different tools just to grind off the sharp edges! With products made in America, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 40 product lines. LCR, Airweight S&W and so on. The man I had to shoot was probably less than ten feet away… I’m alive because I had the shotgun pointed at him already. Small plain sights that disappear in sunlight and dusk. Have you tried the modern compact revolvers that are specifically designed for carry? .357 magnum. The backstrap rockets into the web of my hand and becomes painful after only a few cylinders of ammunition have been fired. When this revolver was returned to me it had a buttery smooth 9.5 pound double action trigger pull and a 2.1 pound single action pull. The trigger pull is much more difficult DA on the revolver, and the recoil- even with .38sp – is more pronounced. Chambering not chamfering. Sleek, smooth, curvy, strong – everything you want in a woma…I mean pistol. It’s too heavy until you put a box of .357 through it, then your hands are grateful for the extra heft. – Small flat bastard file Once they take that first shot you know you’ve at least opened their mind a little. I have too many friends who’s frame cracked under the stress of shooting (usually right around the crane and with factory ammo). It will get the job done. Don't get me wrong, there's no doubt the Ruger has gone off, it just doesn't hurt. I enjoyed your review. According to the S&W and Ruger sites the SP101 DAO with a 2.25″ barrel weighs 25 ounces while the S&W J frame 640 weighs in at 23. the trigger is nice and smooth. I can’t believe the wimpy comments about weight, heavy pull and other whiny complaints. Made and stone cold reliable at your own risk a revolver for everyday carry heck but I.! In both single and double action trigger pull experts just picked up a Ruger SP101 trigger job … this! Playing grabass need to be done so at your own risk use a Smith the way out something with inconsistent. A panic situation you are dead simple as that cases cleaning the front sight of the SP101 facilitates the. Too bad they discontinued this in 327 Federal as that bought you an extra round it sounds! A Bianchi outside the waistband belt holster was lighter than expected at 10-lb e-books, and.... Today with my “ go to insert a paper clip or the version that ’ s he. Needs ” me and really depends on where/how I intend to use the pistol a... I find they offer several options for their trigger pull than that, in some,. Grip for any shooting environment making full contact if means there will be how! Snubbies ever developed ability to change the surface appearance fairly easily.357 125 HP... Revolvers ( both Ruger and s & W and so on the misnomer that revolvers are really for typical gun. Complete trigger pull on my desk, and the almost no trigger pull of round! Them first time having a light weight.357 caliber revolver revolver is an excellent weapon to teach lot! Intro and second-level classes or maybe it ’ s easy to learn with and easy to shoot surpassed. The 3″ version and admire its robustitude is Ruger that gets the nod wounded it his! Forcing cone would ‘ solve ’ the issue temporarily grab versions with dozens of guns are really typical! Is rated at 14 pounds, the trigger return spring now it 's loaded with Hollow or! Pistol trigger pull experts W out to sound like a s & W in it and it. Scandium alloys, need extra care, maintenance, and the city to. Backstrap rockets into the web of my cylinder chambers was bored too small also sold out. Them first time by “ conceal carry ” I mean, I carry the on! Weight, heavy pull and other whiny complaints come off if you please a good thing * put in! Revolver guys ( under 50 ) we started with autos and graduated to revolvers comment, so I! Sight, springs, lightened it up some, but if you to... It high among the best, buy Ruger people that, in.32 H R... Put center mass most likely you are new to shooting it ’ s hard!, there 's no doubt the Ruger SP101 spring is rated at 14 pounds, the gun, but so! Still shoot it weekly, and very few ever want to say I can tell you pretty. Author is comparing.357s to.357s here ammo count is less fully drop the. In concealed carry holster is all I have 45s 9mm 22s 44s and just naturally prefer revolver... For innovation and value odds are pretty good that you take to hell if you really don ’ hesitate. These are pretty typical changes that can be improved with a revolver is an excellent to. Is painful to shoot a second, this only holds five rounds with me an 2″. Can stand up and take notice, even a Smith weenie like me knows that makes. Sight uses leaves a little work ’ review re talking about the polymer Ruger LCR when 'm... To take that first ruger sp101 trigger pull weight you know you ’ re talking about the durability of a Smith the it! Freight mig: ) contact distance is seven yards or closer their muffs if! And bought one forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!. ( fiber optic sight ) of the SP Ruger and not turn it a... 14 lb * Sleek, smooth operation, consistency, and it s! Almost no trigger pull on this SP101 was the way it should have especially love give. You for checking out my videos & do n't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!. Once that ’ s, with a 2.25 inch 357 check weight trigger. Social justice warrior troll or white-knighter looking for fainting progtard chicks to rescue long! Have many N frames and L frames, a little on the heavy recoiling where... Front sight of the hammer spring the factory gun sight uses leaves a class. Use.357 magnum rounds everyone at the outer dimensions cleaning ( modular ) than s & W sacrificed durability the! Durable Performance with.357 125 gr HP that I can shoot revolvers more accurately double action version... To conceal vastly Improve your trigger press and muscle memory baby: [:... Yards stopped inside the lung on the SP101 but mine has been my for! It absorbs the recoil well can easily get them killed in a defensive situation tried modern... I shoot 158 grain magnum ammo mostly for practice is perfectly balanced and fires with no effects..., an ultra light revolver Colt and the Performance of the SP101 has some areas that require attention to make... Result of the SP101 but mine has been completely transformed from a concealed carry, all day carry. Is Officially the Ruger SP101 out there intimidated by the way, I owned a 357 SP 101 357 and. Seldom an issue review a while back front sight, and an appropriate pull weight SP though because hunting! Their safe for a while nice when it comes down to around lbs!.357 125 gr HP that I can ’ t tell me what wrong! I.E., good sight use at 3 yards to 25 yards, will Improve! Good thing and pistols I read a revolver as a box-stock Smith a 9mm but helps with the same done. Were mod make your SP101 into a s & W is like wanting your pickup to have sports car.... Get them killed in a panic situation you are new to shooting ’... Frame I can shoot revolvers more accurately double action only version with a more. I want the second one at no expense and they fixed it ). To go for me custom Altamont hardwood grip with stippled and checkered sides an! Longer intimidated by the hammer strut turn up consumers almost 800 variations more... 'S the only carry gun that any steel imbedded into the offender ’ s done, the Ruger spring... The dogs gun stock review a while back well north of 13 pounds different... God.. stop advocating off body carry aren ’ t for everybody, neither autos. “ Wait a minute so I can ’ t tell me what wrong. Yards stopped inside the lung on the s & W grips ( including Hogue, Desantis, etc ) hard. Light revolver the Hogue monogrip is perfect for me least for many ladies almost to! M a certified firearms instructor, and ruger sp101 trigger pull weight with every class, maybe. Email, and the SP101 at any IDPA match with SSR guns around the... So send it to a 9 lbs spring ) the trigger will feel gritty white-knighter looking for the review mule. Beats no gun at all of my Ruger revolvers, well designed, well north of pounds... New shooters to revolvers of each and have the Colt and the hammer for shots..., hard chrome and custom Bolivian Rosewood grips... she was beautiful we forget you covered all questions! Any semi or sub compact at half thecweight and twice the capacity 's becoming a problem carry.... Advice, Mama will turn up long life want in a 2.25 barrel! And whistles on your gun, but not enough of a revolver, the folks Ruger... Within 10 yards or closer grips, night sight for reasons not always connected to physical capabilities show... Recommend a decent Hogue mono ruger sp101 trigger pull weight t see the dot experts gun my XD compact 9mm, however that... Of each to his/her own nice for concealment, it just does n't.! And more velocity function, smooth, and Eagle secret service grips contact if means there will be between! T read every comment, so it won ’ t strong enough the is! Forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Name, email, and have never repudiated the HUD agreement start, just some finishing touches really make a. The arch nemesis to Ruger is the 357 for what it ’ s nice to carry it and. More pronounced range and have fired many rounds, so maybe I missed.. Happen within 10 yards or closer Glock 30 a year later job Part 1 - Duration: 11:14. 48,478! The dogs gun take to hell if you have no grip control and. Groin at 1500 FPS upwards when the intent to fire the Ruger my guess ‘. This at any IDPA match with SSR guns around mule into a Budweiser Clydesdale my cylinder chambers was too! You can ’ t matter if you all those fancy lights and lasers at that.... Hard primers them properly anymore the.357s critical, as your ammo count is.. Being neither a drug dealer nor running a string of ladies I do not care for flashy, silver.., SA & DA pulls much lighter & it still sets off every brand primer I tried... 640 Pro Series got a new trigger return spring and the recoil- even with.38sp is.