We Have 2001 Homeowner Reviews of Top Cheyenne Lawn Care Services. This is … That being said kikuyu does tolerate a certain amount of shade and usually retains good winter colour. The lawn texture differs from how it is maintained. Kikuyu grass gives you a solution against dry spells, foot traffic and watering. However, it is also a popular garden lawn … Kikuyu is normally a very soft and comfortable … Kikuyu is a hardy, creeping grass common in coastal areas of New Zealand. The grass in the centre of the circle dies, leaving the area … The “Kikuyu” people, a prominent tribe that excelled in agriculture and had deep knowledge of nature, inspired the name for the plant. Rake and collect the clippings after mowing. It makes an especially good … However, apart from these numerous advantages, kikuyu grass does present several disadvantages: Note: in some places, Kikuyu is invasive. Foliage – evergreen Extremely easy to care for and with quick growth and spread, this plant is perfect for gardens located in areas where the climate is rather hot in summer and mild in winter. With the ability to perform in most Australian climates, Kikuyu can stand up to a wide range of conditions. It is a warm-season grass, which means it resembles runners that can quickly grow and cover the ground (literally!). Top Sellers Most Popular Price Low to High Price High to Low Top Rated Products. Kikuyu grass lawn by Harry Rose ★ under © CC BY 2.0. An otherwise aggressive grower, Kikuyu … However, there’s a lot that goes into these perfect landscapes. Kikuyu Grass Description. Height – 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 cm) Do this in April or May (spring), just as for the sowing. Only fertilize spots that need support. Indeed, no dormant seeds will sprout back, as long as all roots and rhizomes are diligently pulled out. Kikuyu grass doesn’t cope well with mowing too often or too short. A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Lay Artificial Turf on Your Lawn. For farms and homesteads, kikuyu is a great grass for grazing animals, since it grows back quickly and copes well with trodding. Sort by: Top Sellers. St Augustine grass is thinner-leaved and doesn’t resist drought or foot traffic well. Moreover, in many mild and cool climates, temperatures are never hot enough to trigger blooming. If you need assistance, our professional lawn care team is just a phone call away. If you aspire to have a front lawn or backyard that will look right at home in Architectural Digest, this is the grass you need to check out. If you are just in the process of sowing your Kikuyu seed, it’s important to ensure the soil stays moist while the grass takes hold. Kikuyu is the best lawn for a high traffic areas and is the first choice for the Western Australian Education Department and Kings Park. Even though it rarely produces flowers and seeds, kikuyu grows very quickly through rhizome (or root) propagation. So thanks for mentioning that Kikuyu grass is very easy to care for and grows quickly. Weed & Grass Killer . Get in touch with Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation. Kikuyu grass is native to Kenya, not Uganda. Kikuyu can be a good option for both home lawns and larger spaces such as … Family – Poaceae, Type – grass Because Kikuyu is not a huge fan of shade your lawn will thank you if you cut back or prune any plants and shrubs that are shading your lawn. Overgrown kikuyu can make a lawn look unkempt, so mow the grass regularly and as low as about 1-2 inches (or 2-5 centimeters) above the roots. Kikuyu is one of the varieties of grass that can develop a thick thatch layer if you’re unsure about how to care for it properly. Even though watering will become unnecessary after a few months, you still must water regularly until seeds sprout. If you work it between the blades of grass with a rake, Great for dry and even desert-like, warm climate, Watering unnecessary or extremely reduced, It doesn’t like being trimmed too often and too short, Kikuyu grass tends to turn yellowish in winter. Care Guide Kikuyu in Winter. LAWN CARE ADVICE FOR YOUR KIKUYU GRASS Most Kikuyu grasses have fine seed heads which easily spread to surrounding garden beds and paths – however, this is not the case for … Kikuyu grass is an excellent barrier to block spread of weeds! Otherwise, you’ll end up tearing and damaging the grass. Share your garden joys & woes! Is it wise to use kraal manure or chicken manure to fertilize Kikuyu lawn? Aerate and fertilise the area before seeding, but not during the rainy season. Credits for images shared to Nature & Garden (all edits by Gaspard Lorthiois): This type of grass … Kikuyu is usually intolerant of shade. You can apply them on small cut wounds to help stop blood flow. Kikuyu needs plenty of sunlight to grow properly, which is why bare patches usually happen in the shaded areas of your lawn. Germination of the kikuyu grass seeds should occur in just under two weeks (10 to 14 days). Close-up of kikuyu grass by Harry Rose ★ under © CC BY 2.0 Kikuyu doesn’t absolutely need fertilizer. It will grow well in any type of soil. Get the best lawn care in Cheyenne from Blue Ribbon Lawn … Keep watering for a few more weeks. That is…, Augustine Addanes wrote on 24 September 2020 at 13 h 05 min, Terry Brown wrote on 29 April 2020 at 0 h 39 min, Andrew wrote on 5 March 2020 at 8 h 32 min, Gaspard wrote on 5 March 2020 at 12 h 51 min, Leon wrote on 3 September 2019 at 1 h 03 min, Gaspard Lorthiois wrote on 3 September 2019 at 13 h 34 min, Ashley Turns wrote on 19 April 2018 at 2 h 46 min. Lawn Care. Kikuyu grass. It’s getting close to summer and you may need some tips to ensure your lawn is … What Time Can You Start Mowing Your Lawn? While colonization among people is often subject to debate, regarding plants it can sometimes be dramatic. Exposure – full sun, Soil – ordinary We are a team of dedicated turf and irrigation professionals with over 15 years of experience. A family business, we are passionate about our work. A local botanist grew the plant to identify it. Blue Ribbon Lawn & Landscape Proudly Serving Cheyenne, WY for over 10 years About Blue Ribbon Lawn & Landscape Services. The owners may have taken, Having neighbours nearby fosters a sense of community, but it can also cause of problems, particularly in lawn care and maintenance. Used for decades in Mediterranean regions in places where foot traffic was high, this grass native to tropical … Nutrient analysis shows that kikuyu is more nutritious than alfalfa. As with many grasses, it developed an affinity to the droppings of grazing animals, and this results in interesting poop mounds in fields and pastures. Sometimes it even spreads so fast, it has become invasive! Botanists tend to mostly cite the place they found the plant as the native range, so accounts differ depending on the source. The biggest mistake made in lawn care is cutting the lawn too short. You must, however, use a bladed mower. But maintaining it is a challenge, especially as droughts last longer and become more. Note that you might confuse this grass with St Augustine (which you’ll find under the name Stenotaphrum secundatum in horticulture stores). Contact us now for a quote on your garden. Hi Leon, you don’t need to fertilize kikuyu as you would weaker lawns. Here are some important rules in Kikuyu lawn care you must obey when maintaining your successfully established turf: Watering Kikuyu grass properly The first 14 days are super important for … Government customs intercepted a packet of unmarked seeds sent from there for quarantine. While it’s necessary to pack the soil lightly while growing the grass, you have to ensure that the soil is aerated properly. Use a gardening fork (push the entire length into the ground) to let more air and water penetrate the ground below the roots. This variety has high cold and frost tolerance and strong resistance to disease and weeds. … Its resilient rhizomes overcome drought very easily and also cope well with otherwise difficult spots such as coastlines. It can even grow too thick when fussed over more than necessary. Seed during the summer when the temperature is between 60 to 100. It really needs full sun to prosper. Only in spots that are bare or where many people walk constantly is it needed. Yet, just like any other turf, it needs proper care and maintenance to keep it lush and beautiful. This is the poor man’s way of de … What makes kikuyu grass perfect for lawns? Residential properties also need a cohesive and well-maintained lawn that adds value to their aesthetic and curb appeal. Weed the seeds if the grass is already thick enough (if you allow them to germinate, your lawn could become overgrown and messy). If you need assistance, our professional lawn care team is just a phone call away. Take note, though, that you’ll need to live in a region where the climate is mild in winter. Kikuyu grass gives you a solution against dry spells, foot traffic and watering. Kikuyu grass is a low-growing, warm-season perennial grass which spreads vigorously by both rhizomes and stolons. Your email address will not be published. Remember the following tips to keep your kikuyu … Need advice? My lawn has been taken over over the years by kikuyu grass, but I have noticed that clover and burr clover have no problem thriving in patches in it. Australian strands of the grass, however, were originally sourced from the Belgian Congo in 1908 (present-day Congo). Kikuyu Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips are a must for lawn mowing contractors, landscapers and home owners. We offer installation, reticulation and maintenance of … Preferring a sunny aspect, Eureka Kikuyu … If you see brown, dry, or bald patches on your lawn, you have to discover the reason first. We will definitely have to put in some Kikuyu turf since we want our grass to grow quickly. Many community sporting ovals choose to use kikuyu grass because lawn care … We strive to provide a uniquely personable service built on excellent client relations and unparalleled attention to detail. The key is to create an environment where the grass can thrive before doing any seeding. Don't spend your weekends struggling with a lawnmower! It is definitely a very interesting alternative to traditional lawn grasses. As a result, sometimes the plant’s origin is said to be Uganda – right in the middle of Congo and Kenya! He then collaborated with an australian university to make the new, amazing grass available throughout the continent as fodder and lawn material. It doesn’t need much watering, and copes well with dry air, which made it ideal for California at the time. 307-634-2375 The tropical grass species Pennisetum clandestinum is known by several common names, most often kikuyu grass, as it is native to the highland regions of East Africa that is home to the Kikuyu people.Because of its rapid growth and aggressive nature, it is categorised as a noxious weed in some regions. Weed & Grass Killer. Any nitrogen-rich fertilizer is perfect for this. Get in touch with Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation. Wait until the grass is dry, too, and keep your blades sharp. If you’re looking for low-maintenance grass that can grow thick and lush on your entire lawn with minimal tending, here’s a quick answer for you: kikuyu grass. It’s low-maintenance, so it doesn’t need much watering. Read new articles immediately and get great deals delivered right to your email inbox, Easy gardening, grow food, flowers & medicine. So in a way, we could say it’s native to Kenya and Uganda… and probably a few other countries, as well! Imperata cylindrica, a colonizer with blood-red blades… of grass! Note that if left untouched, kikuyu grass will grow into a thick mat several inches thick (4 to 6 inches or about 10 to 15 cm). Kikuyu grass is very easy to propagate through cuttings or simply by transplanting it. Today we go over to Matt's place and have a look at how his Kikuyu lawn is going after the Renovation. Kikuyu Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips. Kikuyu turf is an economical, drought-tolerant, instant lawn solution. Spring Lawn Care Tip: You may have noticed some homeowners shaving back their kikuyu or couch lawn to almost bare soil followed by heavy fertilization and watering. In any case, space mowing far apart in time. It’s the only way to get even, clean cuts throughout your lawn. Crushed blades of kikuyu grass are slightly astringent. Green Lawn and Tree Care, Inc. in Cheyenne, Wyoming, offering lawn care, fertilizing, lawn mowing, and tree care, treatment of tree diseases, and tree removal. Moisture – dry to swampy (all). It is often considered a weed in home gardens as it is very fast spreading and can quickly invade existing lawn or garden beds. Hire the Best Lawn Care Services in Cheyenne, WY on HomeAdvisor. The more you mow your Kikuyu lawn, the thinner your grass blades become and the finer your texture will be. Mowing your lawn, for instance, can be loud; your, A green and lush lawn is essential to your home’s aesthetic appeal and its property value. Required fields are marked *. Kikuyu Grass, like a lot of recreational turf … It is the lawn we recommend for children and pets due to its vigorous … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Left to its own devices and if grown under ideal circumstances (i.e., well-fertilised soil, good aeration, sunny location), kikuyu can grow thick with minimal care. Eureka Kikuyu is a fast growing hardy, economic all-rounder which is good for a range of applications from home lawns to racecourses, parks and reserves, even planting out larger areas and erosion control. Kikuyu grass dies off when grown under too much shade. Kikuyu is a fairly drought resistant lawn, but to have it performing at its peak, watering may be in order. Since then, landscapers have sown it in many areas around the planet. The Kikuyu yellows is a fungal disease that infects the root system, causing root rot and grass death in distinct circular patterns. But investing in landscaping, When you walk past houses in your neighbourhood, manicured lawns are always a welcome sight. Get It Fast. Synonym – Cenchrus clandestinus You should not plant it. One common reason is soil compaction. Kikuyu tends to grow thick; if you leave the cut grass behind, they could form huge lumps that block sunlight and air. No one wants dry patches and weeds in their lawn. Everything You Need to Know About Zoysia Grass, Artificial vs. Real: How to Decide What Type of Grass to Get for Your Lawn, Lawn Mowing Tips for a Professional Finish. The steams and leaves of the grass are covered with fine hairs and it is soft to the touch. It will spread across the entire surface if not controlled. If you fertilize your whole lawn, you’ll simply end up with much more mowing to do! It’s important never to cut off more than 1/3 of the leaf blade in one go and also to keep mower blades sharp. Hi These qualities alone can entice property owners with vast lawns to beautify. Your email address will not be published. You can also direct the runners to maximize coverage since secondary runners will appear and make the plot denser. Keep kikuyu … Call us today! © Green Oasis Lawn and Reticulation | Copyright 2020 | All Rights Reserved | ABN: 80 502 171 640 | Sitemap, Landscaping services that will breathe new life into your property. Although native to the entire East Africa area, kikuyu grass was first studied and imported to the USA from Kenya, in the center of that region. Mowing Kikuyu. Extremely easy to care for and with quick growth and spread, this turf plant is perfect to replace grass in a lawn or dress a bare patch up. In spring, sow in much the same manner you would any type of grass used for traditional lawns. Do you fertilise kikuyu and what fertiliser do you use thanks leon. Kikuyu will hold colour well in most conditions. We offer installation, reticulation and maintenance of kikuyu lawns in Western Australia. A native grass in Kenya, it has been introduced to many countries in the world. Compare different grass types Buy this grass How does Kikuyu grass look like. Used for decades in Mediterranean regions in places where foot traffic was high, this grass native to tropical areas is slowly gaining popularity. Cows, goats, and lambs love eating kikuyu grass for fodder. Kikuyu grass Pennisetum clandestinum is a very fast growing lawn grass that is common in Kenya. Interest in it was spurred by the fact that it is well-suited to golf terrains, especially the wide spans of rough. Select a cutting from the plant by digging out a portion of the rhizome and settle it in at the desired location. … Kikuyu will smother any other weed that might grow on a lawn, like clover for instance. When Imperata cylindrica spreads…, A rototiller is a very useful when starting a vegetable patch or lawn, and it also helps for tilling the…, The end of summer and fall are without doubt the best time to create or renovate a lawn. You can do longer intervals or let the rain do its thing during the rainy season. Here are other characteristics of kikuyu that explain why it is a top choice for residential, commercial, and civic lawn installations: Keeping in mind the key characteristics of this turf, here are the answers to some common questions about the care and maintenance of a kikuyu lawn: Watering schedules can be once every seven or 10 days during the summer months. It will sprout roots and spread from there. Let the grass grow higher and mow less often during the hot months (this helps keep the soil hydrated). Cut the grass short and often during the wet months (the grass grows faster during this period). The native area actually covers more than just one country. A healthy Kikuyu lawn … Call to request a quote. Mowing isn’t actually needed. Avoid mowing too low and scalping the grass. Name – Pennisetum clandestinum A home-made “tea” that contains a lot of nitrogen is. Animals can walk all over it with their heavy hooves and it will bounce back quickly. Complete Yard Care, Nicol Mowing Services, TruGreen, Kar's Industries, Q Lawn… Kikuyu turf also sends runners out as it spreads, like strawberries. It is a favourite among homeowners and property developers. 31 Results Weed Type: Kikuyu Grass. Although a well maintained Kikuyu grass lawn could look good in areas of full sun, it doesn’t stand up to shade-affected areas and quite often becomes patchy and dies off. Doses to follow are about ⅓ to ½ oz (10 to 12 g) to a square yard (1 m²). If the problem is bare patches, focus on improving the soil quality in the bare areas. The US Department of Agriculture acclimated kikuyu grass in North America a little over a century ago, in 1915. Here are more best practices in kikuyu lawn maintenance: Use the tips above to make your lawn lush and healthy. Since my husband and I are planning on installing some new turf, we are wondering what type would be best. Kikuyugrass weeds (also spelled kikuyu grass) are native grasses in East Africa, so when the turfgrass was imported, it adapted readily to the warm, temperate climates on the coast and inland … Planting kikuyu runners is very easy and all you need to do is layer a grass node into a nursery pot. And using broadleaf herbicide on the clover also kills the kikuyu grass…. Hi Andrew, thanks to you I was able to double-check and learn more about where Kikuyu grass “is native” from. Growth is slow at the start, but kikuyu grass quickly speeds up after that. This characteristic helps control its invasiveness a bit. Check with your local agriculture office first. An attractive landscape isn’t limited to commercial spaces.